#NHL reveals results of latest coronavirus tests as training camp nears

#NHL reveals results of latest coronavirus tests as training camp nears

July 6, 2020 | 2:25pm

As the July 13 starting date of training camp draws closer and players in market for Phase 2 activities, the NHL provided an update on its coronavirus testing results.

“As of Monday July, 6, the NHL has had 396 players report to Club training/practice facilities for optional participation in Phase 2 activities,” the league said in a statement. “There have been in excess of 2,900 COVID-19 tests administered (including more than 1,400 this past week) to this group of Players. Those tests have resulted in a total of 23 returning confirmed positive test results for COVID-19.”

The league acknowledged that there are 12 additional players who have tested positive outside of their Phase 2 protocol. The league says it will continue to provide updates on the number of tests administered and the results of its testing on a weekly basis, but will not provide specifics with respect to which players test positive and which teams those players belong.

Despite the NHL not releasing the identities of the teams or players who tested positive for COVID-19, some teams have confirmed their cases which include the Tampa Bay Lightning, Colorado Avalanche and Ottawa Senators.

As the league prepares for the official start of training camp, they are strictly relying on the players to protect themselves. With some regions failing to control the spread of this virus, it could potentially be a major health concern.


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