#NFL considering big change to widely loathed preseason

#NFL considering big change to widely loathed preseason

June 10, 2020 | 2:56pm

Everyone is hankering for real, live NFL football and salivating at the thought of the season kicking off as scheduled in September. Fans are almost universally in agreement in their distaste for the preseason games, though, and a plan could be in place cut the number of those unwanted exhibition games in half.

With sports ramping up everywhere as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted, the NFL and the NFL Players Association are talking about possibly shortening the 2020 preseason, according to NFL Network, and that could lead to playing only two preseason games this summer, rather than the customary four.

This would allow teams to take a more measured approach to training camp, with the first preseason games pushed back a few weeks. Teams can report to camp 47 days before their first regular season game, meaning most teams will be able to open camp July 28. The Giants, with a “Monday Night Football’’ season opener Sept. 14, can open up July 29.

Having only two preseason games would also greatly mitigate the travel teams must undertake, with only one road game per team on the reduced preseason schedule.

There is some thought that, amid this unprecedented all-remote offseason for NFL teams, players might be allowed to report to camp a few days earlier than normal in order to get up to speed on new health protocols and ensure injured players are given full medical evaluations.

Shortening the preseason has been a popular subject for some time and if it comes to be this summer, it could be something that is adopted in the coming years.


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