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#New The Batman Bat-Symbol Revealed Ahead of DC FanDome?

#New The Batman Bat-Symbol Revealed Ahead of DC FanDome?

Matt Reeves’ new Bat-symbol from The Batman has reportedly been revealed. The new design comes just days before DC’s FanDome event this weekend. DC fans are hoping that the event will provide our first look at the highly anticipated movie, even though Reeves and crew were only able to shoot for approximately seven weeks. The production was shut down towards the end of March, like nearly every other major Hollywood production. If all goes according to plan, Reeves will reunite the cast and crew in the fall to finish the movie.

Supposed Leaked #TheBatman logo

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The new Bat-symbol design comes from a new trademark filing in Europe by DC Comics and Warner Bros. It has not been officially confirmed that this will be used in The Batman, but the timing is right in terms of DC FanDome, and it looks an awful lot like what we saw on Robert Pattinson’s chest in the screen test footage that Matt Reeves released. There are some key differences though. The first is that the emblem on Pattinson’s chest does not have ears, and the second is the fact that the bottom of the logo is slightly different.

Even though The Batman is still more than a year away from hitting theaters, DC and Warner Bros. are going to start up the promotional campaign soon, which will obviously need a new logo. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the Caped Crusader and there is a lot of hype surrounding the movie. While some fans were skeptical of Robert Pattinson’s taking on the iconic Batman role, most of that has subsided, thanks to Matt Reeves giving out official teases, including what the actor looks like in the new suit.

Matt Reeves is taking a different approach with The Batman from what we have seen previously. The director teased the new suit earlier this year, which had a lot of fans focusing right in on the new Bat-symbol on the suit’s chest. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be made from a gun, which led hardcore DC fans to theorize that it is made from the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. There is a precedent for this storyline in the comic books, but Reeves had not confirmed anything about the new symbol.

It is possible that we’ll get some more insight about the Bat-symbol this Saturday when DC FanDome kicks off. Matt Reeves has teased something pretty special in regard to The Batman, along with James Gunn doing the same for The Suicide Squad, and Zack Snyder with his upcoming cut of Justice League. Regardless, it is looking like it’s going to be a fun weekend for comic book fans from all over the world. The Bat-symbol image comes to us from The European Union Intellectual Property Office website. You can also see an image of the new design above and judge for yourself.

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