#New Jersey mayor slammed for saying he supports ‘good black people’

#New Jersey mayor slammed for saying he supports ‘good black people’

June 10, 2020 | 11:19pm | Updated June 10, 2020 | 11:41pm

A New Jersey mayor apologized on Wednesday after saying at a rally over the weekend that he supports “good black people.”

Mayor Sal Bonaccorso of Clark Township, was asked by protesters if he would declare himself as “pro-black,” at the demonstration for social justice on Saturday, reported

“I am pro-black for all the good black people that I know in my life,” Bonaccorso answered.

After hearing the audible displeasure of the crowd, he continued, “I can’t say that I am for anybody if I do not know you.”

“I am for people. Good people. Law-abiding, hard-working, good family, good friends, and people with good intentions. If you’re black, great. If you are white, great. If you are Hispanic, great. It does not matter. I judge people on how you judge me.”

“If you want to be my friend and stick your hand out, I’ll shake your hand, and I will look you in the eye. My family is Italian-American. When my grandfather came to this country, he was discriminated against,” he continued.

The crowd of 100 protesters took issue with the mayor’s entire speech.

In a statement posted to his Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, Bonaccorso clarified his misguided speech to the protesters.

“Looking back on what I said and seeing some of the public reaction to it, I see that I may have fallen short of that goal and I would like to clarify my answer to a question that was posed,” he said.

“An attendee asked me, ‘Are you pro black?’ The answer is of course, and unequivocally, yes.”

Bonaccorso said he also truly believes “that Black Lives Matter” and that the black people who live, work, visit or pass through Clark “are all an integral part” of what makes the township such a great place.


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