#Netflix’s Password-Sharing Policy Hits Canada, Is the U.S. Next? – Review Geek

“Netflix’s Password-Sharing Policy Hits Canada, Is the U.S. Next? – Review Geek”

It’s time to get rid of those Netflix freeloaders.

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Earlier this month, we got more details on how Netflix plans to crack down on password and account sharing. And while those changes aren’t in the U.S. yet, it’s only a matter of time as the system expands to other regions like Canada.

Netflix started testing its plan to eliminate password sharing early last year, saying that over 100M accounts are being shared and that lost revenue impacts its ability to invest in great new TV and films. Then, the company said it’d roll out a new crackdown policy in February and March, and now that it started, we’re seeing complaints all over Twitter.

Starting today in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, users will see a pop-up directing them to manage and confirm a “Primary Location” or residence. Anyone trying to stream Netflix outside of the household won’t be able to unless they’re traveling on vacation.

In a blog post and update, Netflix confirmed all the details and how this system works. Members will need to set a primary location, can easily manage account access from the app or online, and users can “continue to watch Netflix on their personal devices or log into a new TV, like at a hotel or holiday rental.”

Additionally, Netflix recently released a new profile transfer tool, so someone using your account can easily transfer that profile to a new account (and pay for Netflix) while keeping all their show recommendations, continue watching lists, and saved content.

And finally, those with a Standard or Premium plan can add an extra member for someone living outside the household for an additional fee. You can add up to two extra “sub-accounts,” and each gets its own profile, recommendations, login, and password for CAD 7.99 per month per person.

Basically, friends and family members mooching off of your account can’t anymore. However, those with children in college can pay a little extra for access to remain. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before this crackdown spreads to the U.S., so start preparing now.

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