#National Park Service shares creative new signs to promote social distancing

National Park Service shares creative new signs to promote social distancing

By Janine Puhak, Fox News

June 4, 2020 | 3:35pm

Keep your distance from the wildlife… and other people!

As local restrictions are lifted and states gradually reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, the National Park Service (NPS) is reminding visitors to avoid close contact with other parkgoers through a creative new poster series encouraging social distancing.

The park service recently unveiled the artwork to improve visitor communication as NPS sites proceed with phased reopening plans, Mother Nature Network reports.

“A little space goes a long way,” one clever graphic reads, illustrating the six-foot mark of safe social distancing space recommended by the Centers for Disease Control as a moose’s antlers, one grizzly bear, two picnic tables between friends, or a national park sign.

U.S. National Park Service

“Observe wildlife rules… but with people!” another sign orders, reminding visitors to frequently, thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water, stay home when sick and cover sneezes or coughs with a tissue – as well as, playfully, not “use slower friends as bear bait.”

Another poster explains the “right” and “wrong” ways to social distance, showing that 6 feet is a good distance to keep from a friend, and 300 feet is a safe space to keep from wildlife. Get any closer to the wild animals, the graphic warns, and you’ll need “good luck.”

U.S. National Park Service

Other graphics ask fans to recreate responsibly by avoiding crowded areas, carrying out personal items carried in and perhaps even consider virtual visits from home.

Before heading out into the great outdoors, be sure to confer with evolving NPS guidance to see if your local park is open and heed these safety tips to protect yourself inside the parks amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


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