#MTA worker allegedly called woman a ‘Cuomo c–t’ when asked to wear a mask

#MTA worker allegedly called woman a ‘Cuomo c–t’ when asked to wear a mask

June 25, 2020 | 7:47pm

An MTA worked is accused of lobbing a sexist slur to a woman who called him out for not wearing a face mask while working in a Brooklyn subway station.

The unidentified man also insulted Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who in April signed an executive order mandating masks in public — during the alleged incident, according to an account posted on Twitter.

“this piece of garbage at the Nostrand A station refused to put on his mask, saying it was in his pocket, and called me a ‘Cuomo c–t’ for asking him to put it on,” a Twitter user who calls herself Janessa Joy wrote.

“but nothing will happen to this pig.”

A photo attached to the Thursday tweet shows a middle-aged man wearing a dark blue MTA uniform, gun belt, glasses and gloves while replacing a roll of receipts in a MetroCard machine.

A second photo appears to show two MTA revenue collecting agents, both with pistols strapped to their hips, standing nearby.

One, also not wearing a mask, appears to be holding a pair of gloves and looking at a cellphone.

The other, who was wearing a camouflage mask and blue disposable gloves, clutched his belt and stared at the camera.

“while this one held onto his d–k…, er gun, because I’m the menace,” the caption says.

An MTA spokesman declined Friday to identify the employee accused of uttering the profanity but said the matter was being addressed.

“The reported conduct is unacceptable and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken,” spokesman Tim Minton said.

“Wearing a mask is not optional for any MTA employee working in the transit system. Additionally, all MTA employees must treat riders with the utmost respect at all times – period.”

MTA collecting agents earn up to $32.40 an hour while performing duties that include gathering and transporting cash from MetroCard machines, serving as armed guards and driving armored cars, according to a 2018 exam notice.

“The benefits of this position include, but are not limited to, night and weekend salary differentials, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, a comprehensive medical plan and a pension plan,” the notice added.


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