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#Monte’s theories & Taylor talk

“Monte’s theories & Taylor talk”

Taylor Hale Big BrotherEarlier today the nomination ceremony took place within the Big Brother 24 house — but what’s going on in the aftermath of it? This is a game where things can get heated, and we say that knowing full well that Head of Household Michael made some pretty predictable choices for who he wanted to put on the block.

In case you missed it, earlier today, the HoH opted to go ahead and nominate Alyssa and Terrance, with the big plan being to take Terrance out this week. It’s not flashy, but Michael knows that he’s coming for him — also, he doesn’t want to nominate Turner after the events of this past week with Kyle.

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A few hours have passed since the ceremony concluded and yet, Terrance is still heated at Michael. He doesn’t like where his game is at, and more than that, he continues to be furious at Michael and Brittany four when they decided to speak up about Kyle. It’s led into him and Monte fueling each other’s frustration about what happened, to the point where they’ve come up with some out-there theories. Take, Monte wondering if Zingbot was harsher to Michael and Brittany because America doesn’t like them. There’s also still talk about tainting the jury house against the two of them. They have had this conversation before, and likely will again.

We’ve said this before, but Michael & Brittany should be held accountable for when they decided to speak up about Kyle’s comments. It was clearly stated at a time where Kyle could get on the block, and that’s why the claim that Brittany and Kyle didn’t benefit from it is far from true. However, Terrance also talked about keeping Kyle over Taylor this past HoH cycle and while he claimed it would be to help him “grow,” it was also the move that better benefited his game. People are still thinking with that in mind, and the jury will eventually want honesty here.

For Monte, it makes sense to be upset with Brittany and Michael on a personal and game level. He has a moral justification, and it’s also true that Michael / Brittany’s hesitation to spill details on Kyle could hurt their perception at the end of the season.

The Taylor part in all of this

Monte and Terrance’s other main frustration right now in that Taylor, in their mind, can only go as high as third place with Michael and Brittany. They act as though they’ve each been 100% kind and loyal to Taylor the whole game; Michael and Brittany, despite whatever opinions we may have of their recent gameplay, really cultivated that relationship. We also do think Brittany would consider cutting Michael late; we don’t think she’s a Cody in season 16 and would willingly take someone she’d lose to.

There is still a way for Taylor to potentially work with Monte down the road, since he’s at least done good work to build things with her since week 1. Terrance? Not so much.

What do you think we’re going to see happen tomorrow within the Big Brother 24 house?

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