#Mets vs. Marlins prediction: Jacob deGrom’s return won’t be enough

#Mets vs. Marlins prediction: Jacob deGrom’s return won’t be enough

August 19, 2020 | 3:01pm

With our season heading so swiftly south, Michelle Obama gave us an earful Monday. “You simply cannot fake your way through this job … it’s not just disappointing, it’s downright infuriating … he’s in over his head … he’s the wrong man for the job.” Thanks, I needed that. Thankful as well that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only got one minute to speak Tuesday.

Good timing. Mets are in Miami and the Fish have cooled after their post-virus hot streak carried them to the top of the division with the fewest games played. Jacob deGrom (2-0, ERA 2.45) returns after missing a turn due to neck stiffness. (Stitches’ neck is still not right after the Nats imploded Monday night.) DeGrom beat the Marlins prior to the break. Miami scored twice and did get seven hits in the five innings he worked. Pablo Lopez (2-1, ERA 2.25) took the loss that day allowing three runs, one unearned, and five hits over the same five frames. The Mets have a history of not hitting when the two-time Cy Young winner is on the hill. Counting on that Wednesday. Play 20 units on the Marlins.

Skid row. Giants squashed the Angels 8-2. Dylan Bundy allowed four runs in four innings and saw two balls clear the wall. Down -510 bobbygrichs.

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