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#Method Man’s Daughter Follows In His Footsteps With First Rap Songs

Method Man‘s daughter looks like she’ll be following in her father’s footsteps as she appears to be gearing up to launch a rap career of her own.

Cheyenne, who goes by the name Chey for her rap moniker, dropped the drill-inspired “Hair and Nails” in January and has since followed it up with another song and accompanying video, “Boujee & Ghetto.”

Although she may be one of the famous Wu-Tang Clan rapper’s three children, Chey is adamant about putting in the work and not relying on her dad to make her connections.

“A lot of people would say [that he could just make a call and put me on], but at the end of the day, you gotta put in the work,” she said in an interview with Shaoliiin Entertainment a few weeks back. “He could do that but he rather see me work for it and really push but he’s gonna support one thousand gajillion trillion percent. But he wants to see the work too.”

While Chey’s choice of a stage name is pretty straight forward, RZA recently revealed the origin of Method Man’s name – and surprised many fans with its unusual story.

The Wu-Tang Clan leader was speaking to Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 when he revealed that Method Man only adopted the moniker after recording the song of the same name for the group’s debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

RZA said: “Method Man was Shakwon until he made that song — Shakwon the Panty Raider. Then, after he made that song, everybody in the hood called him Method Man.”

Method Man (real name is Clifford Smith) adopted the persona after the song’s success. “It was the concept because meth is weed. He’s the king of smoking weed. So he’s the method man. A year later, he’s Method Man,” RZA continued.

The Abbot also said it was a group decision for the name switch: “It was a conscious decision by us as a crew, but the streets did push it.”

The reveal caught a lot of Wu-Tang fans unaware, with many not knowing where Method Man’s name came from or the timeline that led to him taking on the moniker.

One fan reacted to RZA’s revelation by writing on X/Twitter: “This is crazy!!!” while another said: “Wow!!! Bet millions of fans never knew this.”

Even Rosenberg was taken aback, saying: “That makes so much sense! Now that I think about it. See, RZA, this is something that to you is so built-in that it’s a nothing burger, whereas to us, it makes so much sense!”

He added: “It was always a little weird that there’s one song on the album named after a member. We thought it was named after the member, but that’s not what it was; it was the name of a song that then became the name of a member!”

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