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#Marisa Tomei Has High Hopes for Aunt May in Spider-Man 3

#Marisa Tomei Has High Hopes for Aunt May in Spider-Man 3

Actress Marisa Tomei is famous in comic book movie circles for taking the homely, elderly character of Aunt May from the Spider-Man mythology and turning her into a veritable sex symbol. But aside from upping the hotness factor for Aunt May, Tomei also brought a warmth and friendliness to the character that fans loved. In a recent interview, the actress teased her hopes for Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man 3.

“Well, I’ve had her – [director] Jon Watts and I always talked about her being a community organizer. And hopefully that track will expand and be part of this one, as well.”

Tomei’s version of Aunt May is different from any past iteration, and not just because she makes every man who meets her go weak in the knees, from Tony Stark to Happy Hogan. This Aunt May knows about and supports Peter Parker’s career as a friendly neighborhood superhero, and even enlists his help in boosting community morale, as they did at the start of Spider-Man: Far From Home by having the webbed wall-crawler make an appearance at a public gathering.

It seems Tomei’s main hope for her character is to see that storyline develop further. It would expand May’s part in the Spider-Man franchise beyond being Peter’s caretaker and allow her to play a more dynamic role. For fans, however, a more pressing issue is finding out where May and Tony Stark’s assistant Happy stand right now.

The two acknowledged their feelings for each other in Spider-Man: Far From Home and officially started dating. Now fans want to know where things are between the two. Although that story arc might never get resolved, now that May has jumped ship to Sony along with Spider-Man while Happy remains a part of the MCU.

In any case, both May and Peter have bigger concerns at the moment. Far From Home ended with Mysterio revealing Spider-Man’s secret identity to the world while also implicating the superhero in his murder. The next installment of the franchise will presumably deal with the fallout of that revelation. We may very well get to see Peter and May hiding out in a new state under assumed identities, which would give Sony an excuse to add a fresh cast to the series and smoothen out the transition away from the MCU.

In the meantime, Marisa Tomei can currently be seen in Judd Apatow’s latest dramedy The King of Staten Island, where she plays the role of the mother to the main character Scott, played by Pete Davidson. The movie explores the relationship between the two characters as Scott struggles to find direction in his life, while his mother starts dating a firefighter, prompting painful flashbacks to Scott’s childhood when he lost his firefighter father while on the job. The movie is available for digital streaming and has been receiving mainly positive reviews on social media, with currently a 77% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. These quotes originated at ScreenRant.

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