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#MAnime recommends: Tokyo Revengers

“MAnime recommends: Tokyo Revengers

We watched the anime of «Tokyo Revengers» and reveal how good we think the anime adaptation is.

The anime to «Tokyo Revengers» has been one of the most hyped anime series in the world since it started in 2021. The anime series is being created at the animation studio Liden Films, where, among other things, the second season of «Goblin Slayer» is worked.

Storyline of «Tokyo Revengers»

Takemichi’s life is at rock bottom: the only girlfriend he ever had in middle school has been killed by a ruthless gang. One day after this bad news, he was pushed onto the tracks by a crowd of people on the platform. Although he quickly comes to terms with his death, a moment later he opens his eyes and realizes that he has suddenly traveled 12 years into the past! Now he decides to rewrite the future and save his friend Hinata from her terrible fate.

My opinion on anime

In my opinion «Tokyo Revengers» a weak start, but the story quickly develops in an interesting direction, which thanks to the time travel mechanics always has a surprise in store. Almost all characters are well written and not only serve as a pure plot device, but usually always have a fixed role in the story. The only disturbing character, in my opinion, is Takemichi himself. Despite his knowledge of the future, he just never quite gets the hang of what he says. For me, character development is simply missing from him here. He’s kinda just a crybaby from the start. (Sorry, not sorry). I hope his character development doesn’t take much longer because it would be a shame if only all the other characters evolved and he just stayed the way he is. Despite the “weak” main character, the series still convinces with a very involved story, great animated fight scenes and unique characters.

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Source of plot description: Crunchyroll

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