#Malcolm Jenkins rips Drew Brees’ comments in two emotional social media posts

Malcolm Jenkins rips Drew Brees’ comments in two emotional social media posts

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins ripped Drew Brees’ national anthem comments in an interview about George Floyd’s death in two emotional social media posts on Wednesday.

In the first video post, which Jenkins later deleted, he said Brees has not “stepped up to the plate” on social issues and that his criticism of certain type of protests is not helpful.

“To stay silent when your peers are screaming from the mountain top that we need help, our communities are under siege and we need help and what you’re telling us is: ‘Don’t ask for help that way, ask for a different way. I can’t listen to it when you ask that way,’ ” an emotional Jenkins said. “We are done asking and people who share your sentiments and express those and push them throughout the world and the airwaves are the problem.”

Jenkins — who was responding to comments Brees made to Yahoo Finance on Wednesday — said the veteran quarterback’s views were especially painful because he considered him “a friend.”

“I looked up to you, you’re somebody who I had a great deal of respect for,” Jenkins said. “But sometimes you should shut the f–k up.”

In the Yahoo Finance interview, Brees, 41, said hearing the anthem brings out a lot of emotions for him.

“In many cases, that brings me to tears, thinking about all that has been sacrificed,” Brees said. “Not just those in the military, but for that matter, those throughout the civil rights movements of the ’60s, and all that has been endured by so many people up until this point.

Malcolm Jenkins and Drew Brees
Malcolm Jenkins and Drew BreesGetty Images; AP

“And is everything right with our country right now? No, it is not. We still have a long way to go. But I think what you do by standing there and showing respect to the flag with your hand over your heart, is it shows unity. It shows that we are all in this together, we can all do better and that we are all part of the solution.”

According to an ESPN report, Jenkins said his first video was made just before Brees reached out to him to discuss his point of view, but that he still originally posted it “because it’s important for anyone who wants to consider themself an ally to know how these words and actions affect those you want to help.”

Brees elaborated further on his thoughts in an interview with ESPN, when asked if his comments will cause a fissure in the locker room with defensive leaders and social justice advocates such as Jenkins and Demario Davis, but he didn’t back down from his thoughts about standing for the national anthem. Teammate Michael Thomas and other sports stars, such as LeBron James, also ripped Brees for his comments.

“I love and respect my teammates, and I stand right there with them in regards to fighting for racial equality and justice,” Brees said. “I also stand with my grandfathers who risked their lives for this country and countless other military men and women who do it on a daily basis.”

Floyd, 46, died on May 25 in Minneapolis after police officer Derek Chauvin, 44, pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes after Floyd was suspected of spending a counterfeit $20 bill.

The charges against Chauvin were upgraded on Wednesday. He now faces the more serious charge of second-degree murder, in addition to the original charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter with culpable negligence.

In the second video which is still on his social media accounts, Jenkins said black grandfathers who served in past wars weren’t given a “hero’s welcome,” and Brees’ comments don’t take that into consideration.

“To think that because your grandfathers served in this country and you have a great respect for the flag, that everybody else should have the same ideals and thoughts that you do, is ridiculous,” Jenkins said. “And it shows you don’t know history, because when our grandfathers fought for this country and served and they came back. They didn’t come back to a hero’s welcome.

“They came back and got attacked for wearing their uniforms. They came back to … racism, to complete violence.”

Jenkins also added that Brees comments show he doesn’t understand his “privilege.”

“If you don’t understand that other people experience something totally different than you …. Then when you talk about the brotherhood and all this other bull s- -t,” he said. “It’s just lip service. Or it’s only on the field.

“Because when we step off this field, and I take my helmet off, I’m a black man walking around America and I’m telling you I’m dealing with these things. I’m telling you my community is dealing with these things.

“Even though we’re teammates, I can’t let this slide.”


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