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#Luke Wilson Wants to Return in Legally Blonde 3

#Luke Wilson Wants to Return in Legally Blonde 3

While Reese Witherspoon offered a star-making lead performance as ditzy yet savvy lawyer Elle Woods in 2001 classic Legally Blonde, Luke Wilson was equally solid in his supporting role as love interest Emmett Richmond. In an interview with Collider, Wilson shared his interest in reprising the character for the upcoming Legally Blonde 3, which will see Witherspoon returning to the lead role of Elle, with Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor currently writing the script.

“I’m definitely up for it. Who knows what they’ll be doing. I was always just in the background for Reese’s character, who’s such a force of nature. But yeah, I would certainly be up for another Legally Blonde. I’ve never had the experience where now, women who were kids when it came out, have children of their own that they’re showing the movie to. I’ve never really had that experience before, so that’s really funny.”

Unlike other rom-coms that fade from public memory over time, the Legally Blonde franchise has shown remarkable staying power in pop culture, despite some less-than-stellar sequels and spin-offs. Luke Wilson went on to recall how being a part of the movie opened him up to a section of the audience that had previously eluded him.

“I’ll never forget making that movie, and going back to Texas and having these little girls come up to me. The first time it happened, a little cluster of them came up saying, “Are you Emmett?” I didn’t even know what they were talking about ’cause I’d forgotten my character’s name. I thought, “Are these kids looking for their dad or their brother? What’s going on?” But yeah, I’d definitely be up for it. Of course, I’m familiar with Mindy Kaling, and somebody told me that Dan guy is a Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer, so I’m sure they’ll come up with something that’s really funny.”

Little is known about Legally Blonde 3 script at this point, but that has not stopped fans from speculating and wanting to see fan-favorite actors reprising their roles from the original movie. One such actor is Jennifer Coolidge, who played the role of Paulette. In a past interview, Coolidge had also expressed her willingness to return to the franchise.

“I know that there’s a script that’s in the works, I’m told. And I keeping seeing all this press about it. I hear that it is going, but I just don’t know what the timeline is. But you know, if I’m asked to do it I’ll definitely be in there. I would love to play Paulette again.”

The global lockdown has turned the entire film industry’s production schedule upside down, so even after the script is finished, work on Legally Blonde 3 might take longer than usual to get started. But fans are more than willing to put up with the delays if it means sooner or later getting to see Elle Woods laying the smackdown in the courtroom once again. This news originated at Collider.

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