#Love music? Now’s the time to get a account

#Love music? Now’s the time to get a account

It’s the beginning of the year and that means resolution season is upon us. And I have a suggestion — nay, a command — that’s both easy to achieve and satisfying: get yourself a account.

At this stage, you probably have one of two questions: what’s Or, why the hell should I use that stupid old website? Well, friend, let me explain.

Effectively, is a service that tracks what you’re listening to, something it refers to as scrobbling. It then uses this information to build out your music profile, which consists of reports and personalized music recommendations. That’s in a nutshell.

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Now to answer the second part: why? Well, let me throw a question right back at you: do you enjoy Spotify Wrapped? Getting to see what you’ve been listening to over the year presented to you in a pretty way? LAST.FM IS LIKE THAT BUT ALL THE TIME! last fm top artists rolling seven days