#Lottery-inspired Alarm Clock gives you rewards for taking the effort to seize the day

Most of us generally use smartphones to set alarms without realizing that these little radiation mongers by the bedside are messing up our sleep patterns. It is better to leave the phones at a comfortable distance from the bed. But how do you wake up the lazy sleeper then? Well, invest in an alarm clock that can become your best pal to start off the day with a purpose.

If you have an agenda, a schedule, or a defined routine after the alarm goes off, you’re set and probably doing well for yourself. For the others – who are aimless waking up every morning, with no set routine to follow – the snooze button on the phone or clock is the favorite choice. The Fortune Clock arrives without the snooze option, rather a purpose-defined wakeup activity that goes a long way beyond just waking you up with something to do.

Designer: Ho Hyun LIM

When out in the market for an alarm clock, you look for the nightlight option, volume levels, and of course the snooze button. For the Fortune Clock, you might have to have a different mindset: An outlook to look at your fortune based on how you get up in the morning.

Sounds interesting? It well is! The clock with a digital display on the front quarter – featuring time and day – has an interesting wheel of fortune just below. The idea is to fill the clock from the top with balls. When you wake up in the morning to turn off the alarm (by pressing the button on top) a ball with a number is released (this happens every day) and appears in the groves cut out on the front.

While the idea of the clock is to get the user into the habit of making an effort to get up to stop the alarm and put the ball rolling (not literally); the designer believes, the numbered balls are fortune tellers as well. User can, Ho believes, combine the numbers on the balls obtained from this effort of getting up, to purchase lottery tickets, to seize their luck. How much numerology magic the clock does is for you to understand, but these hard-earned numbers will definitely make a difference to your sleep cycle and waking-up routine.


Gaurav Sood

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