#Letters to the Editor — July 12, 2021

#Letters to the Editor — July 12, 2021

The Issue: Gov. Cuomo’s comment that leading New York during the pandemic was a “personal benefit.”

Gov. Cuomo was quoted stating that the pandemic was a “tremendous personal benefit” (“La dolce virus,” July 9).

The question is: At what expense? Cuomo was crowing about his success to other state governors. He made $5.1 million on his book, yet his handling of the pandemic contributed to the deaths of 15,000 nursing-home residents.

When you do the math, the result is that Cuomo received roughly $340 for every life lost in nursing homes on his orders.

All the victims and their families and friends could have done without Cuomo’s “tremendous personal benefit.”

Rich Maloney, Queens

For Cuomo to state that the pandemic was a “tremendous personal benefit” to him was disgusting on so many levels.

Casting himself as this heroic figure in dealing with COVID was a despicable display of self-aggrandizement.

Getting paid $5 million to chronicle his heroism by writing a self-congratulatory book in the middle of the crisis is proof positive that this man has no moral compass.

I’m sure the families of the 15,000 nursing-home residents whose lives he helped end don’t share his narcissistic assessment, nor do the thousands of small business owners whose lives he ruined with his draconian lockdowns. New York can’t be rid of him soon enough.

Robert DiNardo


As for myself, and I’m sure any rational-thinking New Yorker, it would bring us all “tremendous personal benefit” if Cuo­mo went silently into the night.

There has been one constant since the start of the pandemic, and it’s his big mouth.

He needs to zip it and be thankful he still holds his position after what he put families and his alleged victims through.

Joe Salvatore

Blue Point

There are 53,000 dead New Yorkers, about 15,000 of whom were unwitting seniors in nursing homes.

Cuomo took time out during the height of the pandemic to write a self-glorifying tome to his own greatness and is now bragging about his own “tremendous personal benefit.”

What arrogance. Can Democrats actually continue to support this egotistical monster?

Joseph Daly

Staten Island

Does anything describe our governor better than his “personal benefit” remark?

Never mind that people died because of his decisions, women were made to feel uncomfortable and he had people on the government payroll help write his book. All King Cuomo cares about is how he benefited from the pandemic.

He is truly a sorry excuse for a public servant.

The best part: The people of New York may vote him back into office.

Before you pull the lever, ask yourself: Do you feel safer today than before he came to office, with his no-bail laws, his parole board releasing killers and his general attitude toward citizens?

He’s a truly arrogant, selfish individual. I, for one, can’t wait for him to be out of office.

Philip Vallone


“Chutzpah,” “moxie,” “gall” — just a few choice words to describe Cuo­mo’s attempt at damage control.

Having anointed himself supreme commander of all things COVID, he marched thousands of the elderly to their deaths.

It is shocking that Cuo­mo remains in public office to brag about his accomplishments.

Arrogance, it seems, is imprinted on the Cuomo-family DNA, but it was his decisions and his alone that caused the carnage.

I guess, though, all that’s left for the governor to do is to double down and try to convince people of his competence. The problem is that the results of his decisions do not lie.

Michael D’Auria


Any man of principle who made $5 million while 15,000 New Yorkers died would donate that money to the families of those victims.

I doubt the governor is such a man, but I implore him to prove me wrong.

Rolly Lessin

Staten Island

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