#Letters to the Editor — April 7, 2021

#Letters to the Editor — April 7, 2021

The Issue: Major League Baseball’s decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Georgia over its voting law.

When is Major League Baseball going to realize Commissioner Rob Manfred is a Trojan Horse (“All-Star Game moved to Denver,” April 6)? He is single-handedly killing the national pastime.

After letting the Astros get away with cheating, he forced a significant dismantling of MLB. Now, he made a reflexive decision on a divisive political issue, without regard to the damage to Atlanta’s innocent workers and fans.

A new commissioner should be named immediately before any further damage is done.

J. E. Frenett


The Great American Pastime has been hijacked and transformed into a business that not only bilks the fan base out of their hard-earned money, but now subjects them to its political beliefs.

Manfred has now decided to punish the state of Georgia by taking the All-Star Game out of Atlanta because he doesn’t like the voting-reform law it just passed.

Political statements do not belong on a baseball field, where people go to escape.

I was an avid fan my whole life, but now feel nothing but disappointment and contempt toward the ungrateful, overpaid players and the league they represent.

Thomas Urban


MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta is more than just a change of venue. It’s a declaration of war on those among its fan base who belong to the Republican Party.

I can’t understand how the league’s owners would allow Manfred to take a blowtorch to its product. It’s business malpractice, and MLB deserves the beat-down that will surely fol­low.

David Greenfield


Boycott the boycotters. Let’s make the corporations that are afraid of a boycott from the left be concerned about a boycott from the right.

Don’t buy Coke, don’t fly on Delta and don’t go to a baseball game.

When is the right going to flex some muscle and boycott any company that openly meddles in politics? They should stick to what they know best — making money.

Elizabeth Oler

Fairfax, Va.

The move by MLB to succumb to pressure from the far left without knowledge of what is even in the new law has put the most vulnerable out of work.

The people who work at the stadiums — vendors, security guards, custodians and more — are not millionaires.

Manfred showed his weakness and inability to do what is best for fans of baseball by allowing himself to be strong-armed into pulling the All-Star Game and MLB Draft out of Atlanta, leaving those people fending for themselves. Nice job, commissioner.

Lisa Maniaci

East Brunswick, NJ

I love my New York Mets, but I love my country more, so until Major League Baseball realizes that sports should stay out of politics, I will not watch another baseball game.

MLB has single-handedly taken food off the table of thousands of Georgians — in a pandemic, no less, when so many people have been out of work.

MLB is definitely not speaking on behalf of the fans. I wonder who the league is speaking on behalf of.

C. O’Keefe


I don’t understand how in the world asking for identification can hinder anyone from voting.

Most people have ID and will continue to be able to vote. Those who don’t have one can easily obtain one from the state. Where is the racism in this law?

Shame on MLB and the other corporations moving from the state because of this law.

Stephen Colasacco

The Bronx

Unbelievable: MLB and its commissioner have no backbone.

I have a question: Has Manfred read the law? Apparently not.

Does he believe the woke generation actually watches baseball? No, it’s the working class that supports the league.

And it’s the working class of Atlanta that will suffer, certainly not you, Commissioner. Your pay will still be there.

Philip Vallone


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