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#Kylee Evans Reacts to Stephanie and Adam’s Crisis and Previews What’s To Come

Kylee Evans Reacts to Stephanie and Adam’s Crisis and Previews What’s To Come

We had the pleasure of chatting with Good Witch’s Stephanie aka Kylee Evans, about her storyline on Good Witch Season 6.

During the interview, Kylee shared her thoughts on Stephanie’s ex-husband and her relationship with Adam, her favorite set, and what is happening with those cheese and peanut butter crackers that Adam loves so much.

Kylee also teases a special moment from Good Witch Season 6 Episode 6, so settle back and start reading!

Stephanie Cocks Her Head - Good Witch

You’ve been on Good Witch since the beginning, and I just wonder, what are some of your favorite Stephanie stories?

Well, I loved, in the very beginning, the ridiculousness of my chase of Sam very back in the early days. I mean, we all knew what was going to happen, that Sam and Cassie were going to be together and it was going to be this great love story.

But that whole time of me chasing him was some of my favorite moments ever on Good Witch with James Denton. It was so, so fun.

Chasing Sam - Good Witch

What made it so fun?

I think just the ridiculousness of it, and it was written… The humor was really great. And I felt like Stephanie was a little conniving in those days. She was so desperate for love and searching in all the wrong places, really. And I just loved that.

So weirdly, I didn’t even know Stephanie was married before until Wes popped up looking for his iced coffee. What else do we not know about Stephanie that you’ve thought of and that you would love to explore about her?

I also did not know Stephanie was married.

Oh, good! I thought maybe I’d missed something significant.

No, I don’t think you did. If you missed it, I also missed it. And you know that my ex-husband, Wes, who came to town, is actually played by my real-life husband.

Kylee Evans and Sandy Jobin-Bevans

Oh, is that your real husband?

Yep! That’s my real-life husband, Sandy Jobin-Bevans.

Oh, how fun!

Yeah. It was pretty fantastic. That was a really fun thing. So that goes, again, to one of my other favorite Stephanie stories. But yeah, I also didn’t know that, and that’s the thing with being on an episodic show. Actors are writing very quickly, and your storyline is in someone else’s hands.

So when you read a script, you’re surprised. You’re shocked, as well as the fans are going to be shocked, and you really have no control over what’s happening.

Kylee Evans on the Red Carpet

With Grace and Nick leaving the picture, it really opens up space for the adults. And I think that the storylines are just really good this season.

And I love watching you and getting these moments of, “Oh my gosh, there’s something we didn’t know before.” Is that going to continue throughout the season?

It is. Yeah, and I agree with you. I found there was a lot more real breathing room, almost, to explore things. With anything, you’re in the middle of a storyline, and you want it to go as far as it can possibly go.

But things in Middleton and on Good Witch move very quickly, and so not everything is explored in as great detail or as fully as you would always like. But, yes, you will, I mean, I think you will find the season… find new things out about people, and there’s definitely some twists and turns coming your way.

A Beautiful Day - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 2

I’m enjoying it. I think it’s allowing all of the secondary-to-Cassie characters to get a lot of juicy scripts, and it’s working out really well.

I agree. And I would love to explore things with Stephanie. I find a lot of times, because she does have three businesses and she’s constantly on the go, I feel like I’m in the bistro a lot, and I’m baking a lot and catering a lot, but things I’d like to explore are everything else, not just my work.

So relationships with friends, not even romantically, but Cassie and I are best friends, and that was never explained, our backstories were never explained together or things like that. So yeah, I would love to dive into that sort of just life more as opposed to, yeah.

And I also enjoyed it when Stephanie had the episode, the season with the young girl. Before, it’s always been Cassie and Sam with the young people on the set.

And this time, you got the opportunity to show how Stephanie can help people in a lot of the same ways that Cassie does based on her experience.

Yeah. I agree with you. That was such a joy to shoot, as well. And just to show another side of Stephanie, which is a very different side than what she sort of had become, I guess. And I think that, hopefully, we’ll explore more of that maternal side of her, maybe.

Stephanie Gives Advice - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 2

And since you mentioned that Wes is played by your husband, what was that like?

Oh, it was so fantastic. I mean, my husband, Sandy, is a joy on this earth, and so just to have him with me on set for those weeks was fantastic. And he’s very, very funny. He’s a comedian, as well, and we actually met at Second City.


Yeah, yeah. He’s known for his comedy. And so to be in these really quite serious, emotional scenes with him, I just was overcome a lot. And the director would yell, “Cut,” and I would just say, “Damn! I forgot you were a good actor. I forgot how good you were!” So it was a joy to have him.

That’s exciting because, even as we’re learning about Stephanie, you remembered something else about your husband. How fun is that?

Yeah, exactly! It’s perfect.

Stephanie Smiles - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 2

So, unfortunately, Wes didn’t win her heart back again.

No. No, he didn’t. She let him go. Now she’s got a good thing going with Adam, so why do you think that they hit it off so well?

I think Adam came along at the right time in Steph’s life. I think her career is pretty stable and settled, and everyone around her, her friends, and everyone seems somewhat settled. And so the only thing that really wasn’t clicking into place for her was that partner, that somebody special to share life with.

And I think it just came at a really good time. Adam is a very grounded character. He’s a very grounded person. And Stephanie was always looking for love and really just sort of flitty.

She wasn’t grounded, and I think that he was a really grounding presence for her and not just somebody to love romantically, but a partner in life. And I think that’s what makes them so great together.

I think that’s what drew him to her. I mean, also, he’s adorable, and he’s kind, and giving and all of those things that any woman would be looking for. But I think that that’s probably what it was.

Stephanie and Adam as Role Models - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 2

And their partnership, outside of just the romance, is really apparent when they’re working together on the food truck.

Yes. Exactly.

I kind of hoped he was going to be her food truck partner.

Oh, I know, I know! It’s so fun to be together with him on the truck and making countless Monte Cristo sandwiches.

Yeah. It’s a really nice transition for Stephanie, too, away from the bistro and catering town events, you know?

I agree.

That’s a really fun angle for her.

Yeah. I loved it.

Is Adam OK? - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 4

And on Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5, Adam leans on Stephanie after he gets that devastating news that he’s got a tumor.

In what ways do you think that this experience will change their relationship? Because we don’t think he’s going to die because it’s Good Witch and Sam cannot possibly lose a patient.

Yeah. I mean, when he finds out he has the tumor on his spine… I think it’s a lot of weight to put on one person by saying, “You’re going to be there for me, right? But I’m not going to tell my family or anyone else, and I have no one else to lean on but you.”

I think that was a lot of weight to put on Stephanie and I think she handled it with grace. I think she’s terrified and he’s terrified. And I know, in real life, sort of the way it would change things in a relationship but I don’t know if that’ll happen on the show or not.

Hopefully, she stands by him, and they grow closer. And I mean, you know he’s not going to die, but I don’t know if that’s what happens. But you would just have to watch and find out!

The Snack Machine - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

And the cheese crackers and peanut butter. Everything about that vending machine, recently, is cracking me up. What is going on with that vending machine? Does it actually work? Do you guys eat snacks from that? How is it becoming a character?

I know, it’s its own character and it’s very temperamental, let me tell you. It’s so funny. It’s one of those things like, “Guys, it’s season six, we’re looking for new inspiration. Oh! I know! A vending machine!” And they use it in every scene.

It’s so funny!

I know! We definitely do not eat snacks from it.

Good to know.

And when you need something to work properly, there’s a lot of maneuvering and opening up of it and repositioning, and it’s so funny. It is very temperamental, but I love that it’s this new novelty on set.

And all the cheese crackers with peanut butter, I don’t know. I mean, I think anything with peanut butter is probably delicious, but I don’t, I mean, cheese crackers with peanut butter seems like a bit of a stretch for me.

Stephanie Worries - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

Are they a big snack in Canada? Because I grew up with them here, you know the orange crackers were cheese crackers with peanut butter in the middle, are a huge snack in the United States.

Okay. Well, that explains things because no, we had crackers and peanut butter, but we didn’t have cheese crackers and peanut butter. And I remember the first time we read this script, and Scott and I looked at each other and were like, “This is disgusting. Is this a typo?”

Have they given you any so you can try them?

No, nobody gave me anything! So maybe that’s something I should look into.

Yeah, you should look for some!

Yeah, I really have to. I have to figure that one out for myself.

Consoling Adam - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

It would be so fun if, based on how you and Scott feel about them, if somewhere down the line, you both realized that it was an intense moment that brought you together with those cheese crackers with peanut butter unless you really can’t stand them.


What is your dynamic like with Scott on set?

I think it’s evident. I mean, Scott is fantastic, and we’re bonded together. We’re always together. We’re kind of attached at the hip on set, and he’s just such a lovely human, and he’s such a professional.

He’s very, very dedicated to his craft. So he’s made me a better actor, and he’s the most wonderful scene partner. He’s just so giving and kind, and I can’t say enough about him. I love him so, so much.

Not that I would have expected you to give another answer, but that doesn’t surprise me given how you come across on screen. You seem very natural together and comfortable, and I think he was a really great addition to the cast, and I’m so glad that he wound up with Stephanie because I’ve been rooting for her.

Aw, that’s so sweet! I’m rooting for her, too!

In Each Other's Arms - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

She just kept on getting kicked when she was down, and every boyfriend would leave between seasons. And it’s like, “Gee, that one seemed so good. Now, what happened? He went off to build a house, and he’s never coming back.” One after the other!

Yeah, exactly. I know. It’s tough. It’s actually really tough to constantly lose like that. It’s tough on the person. So the addition of Scott and Adam into Stephanie’s life has been awesome.

And you mentioned that Stephanie and Cassie are best friends, and now, Adam is creating that best buddy friendship with Sam, which I absolutely adore.

Is that going to give the four of you time? Do we have anything to look forward to before the season ends with the four of you as couples and friends?

I don’t think, this season, there’s anything with the four of us, but definitely that’s something very good to explore. I don’t think just the four of us have anything big coming up. Nope.

Well, I hope they plan that for next season, which I assume there’s going to be another season because why wouldn’t there be?


Intrigue at Dinner - Good Witch

But that would be awesome because they don’t have a lot of those four adults kind of hanging out together scenes,

I know, right? That would be a lot of fun. Yeah, I agree with that.

So do you have any behind the scenes fun to share about what goes on with you guys there and what it’s like to film Good Witch?

It’s always fun. I mean, we work very long hours on Good Witch. It’s not an easy eight-hour day. We’re there very, very long hours. And so we’re together a lot and, a lot of times, into the wee hours of the morning, and people get giddy and crazy.

So being together in those scenes where we’re all together, they’re crazy long to shoot, but they’re so much fun because you’re just hanging out in a green room together.

But there are so many little things with each character, with each person backstage that just makes your time so much more enjoyable. With Catherine Disher and Scott and I, I mean… One day, Scott and I had so long between scenes that he tried to teach me how to meditate.

Stephanie Experiences Change - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 1

Oh, my goodness! How’d that go?

It didn’t go super well. I’m still not meditating. He’s a pro, like, awesome.

I think some people can do it and some people just can’t. I think I’m a can’t.

Yep. I’m definitely a can’t. I don’t like to say that. I’ve tried so much, but honestly, sometimes you just… It’ll be the busiest day, and there’s so much noise and chaos, and you just look over at Scott, and he’s got his eyes closed, and he’s completely in another place. He’s just so Zen and gone. It’s amazing.

Good for him.


The Chili Cook-Off - Good Witch

So Stephanie’s always associated with food because of the bistro and, now, the food truck. I’m wondering, what are your skills in the kitchen like and what are your thoughts on the signature sandwich, the Monte Cristo?

Right. Yeah, I have to say that, if I can brag about anything in life, I will brag that I am a very good cook. I don’t know where I got my cooking skills.

I mean, my family are sort of good cooks, I guess, but I love to cook, and I can open the fridge and look in there and just empty it and make the most incredible thing out of nothing, really.

Oh, lovely.

Yeah. I am not, however, a baker. I cannot bake. I have tried, and I have failed miserably. So I guess that’s where Stephanie and I differ because she’s pretty great with cakes and cookies and things.

But the whole signature sandwich… Well, the Monte Cristo, I have to say, became a giant joke on set because I have never said those words or any word in life that many times.

Every sentence has Monte Cristo. And so it became a thing where Scott and I were losing our minds. We’re like, “We cannot possibly say this word again.”

And then once everyone watched the episodes, they came to set and said, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you guys had to say Monte Cristo so many times.” It was this giant thing.

Stephanie Loves Food - Good Witch

So to me, a Monte Cristo is like the cheese crackers and peanut butter of the sandwich world. So it’s surprising that Stephanie’s made such a living with that one.

Exactly. Yeah. She’s got lines for days for her Monte Cristo.

Yeah, it’s good. And she had that temporary partner, too, that really soured her sandwich with some soggy ideas.

She did, she had soggy ideas and soggy sandwiches. It was not a good fit whatsoever.

Whenever you’re doing those scenes, is there any real food around when you’re doing all that? Because so many times, you do bite into things and stuff, what are you biting into?

Oh, my goodness! The food is fantastic! Our team on set, so amazing.

So if there was a script coming out that that they know you’re going to have to eat, they immediately phone you and say, “Okay, so this is what’s coming up, and I’m so excited because here’s what I’m thinking. Now, what are your dietary restrictions? Can you eat peanut butter? What do you think of this? Where would you like me to get this bread from?”

They love it and, oh, it’s so incredible. Yeah. Their attention to detail is insane, and those sandwiches were actually delicious. They were very, very nice.

Stephanie Behind the Counter - Good Witch

Do you have a favorite set that you like to play on?

I love being in the bistro. I really like it. I’ll tell you. I like it because it’s mine and it’s familiar, and when you’re in the bistro, you shoot for a day. So instead of doing a scene in Grey House and then moving the set to the Bell, Book, & Candle and then moving the set to the hospital, you get to play seven or eight scenes in the bistro one after the other.

That’s really nice for me to stay in one location and just play. Yeah. I love that. They’re easy days; people are in good moods because we’re not moving around. I love that. The only thing I don’t love about the bistro is so much of it takes place at the counter.

And so many directors are like, “Okay, so Kylee will be behind the counter.” And so I get stuck behind there a lot, which means you don’t get to see half of my wardrobe or my shoes!

No Shoes Stephanie - Good Witch

Oh yeah, you’re right!

That’s a very selfish reason. But-

Even when she comes out from behind the counter, she’s still usually from table-up.

… You’re right.

She’ll walk over to see patrons, and you see her, again, it’s table height and up.

Yeah. But I do love being in the bistro, but I’ll tell you, every set that we have is so gorgeous. I know they all look beautiful on camera when you see them, but in real life, they’re beautiful. Stunning.

That’s good. A lot of sets don’t look so great.

No, they don’t. But all of these do. You go through, and you discover something new in every one, every time, and you’re like, “Oh, I really want this in my house,” or, “Oh, I’d love to have that.” It’s beautiful.

The Performance - Good Witch

The publicist said she was watching an episode and realized that her rug was in one of the rooms of Cassie’s house. She was like, “Oh my gosh!”

That’s so funny.

So there is something new coming up in the next episode that you’re going to be doing, and I was wondering if you can find a way to tease it for people to get them excited?

Yeah. So Stephanie has a hidden talent from the past, I guess, and she is asked to perform that talent. And so she and Sam do a little entertaining for some people in the bistro, and you’re going to get to see that next week. So that’s going to be really exciting, or terrifying for me, I don’t know, but-

A Stunning Debut - Good Witch

I have to tell you that I was kind of moved to tears watching it because of how well… what a perfect song choice, especially since they’re the closest to Adam, and with Sam’s burgeoning friendship with him and how close they’ve gotten, and you two singing that song together. Oh my gosh. It was so good!

I know. The song… When we found out that it was in play and that they were really gunning for that song and they were just trying to find out if they could get the rights, I was like, “There is no way they’re going to get that song.”

And then when they got it, I couldn’t believe it. I was over the moon, and I love that song so much. It was so hard, though, because you have to perform it as Stephanie and not Kylee.

So that’s not how Kylee would sing the song, but, you know, that was a really big challenge. I loved it. So I’m hoping people love it as much as we did.

Find out what song Kylee and James Denton perform on Sunday, as well as what that song reveals about Stephanie. It’s so good!

And if you need more from Good Witch, we’re going to have an exclusive interview with Sarah Power (Abigail) this weekend along with an exclusive sneak peek of the episode.

And if you want even more, you can watch Good Witch online right here via TV Fanatic.

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