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#Kiyo Soars For His Dreams In Latest Introspective Track, ‘Puyat’ Ft. YVNG ₱ESO—Editor’s Pick

“Kiyo Soars For His Dreams In Latest Introspective Track, ‘Puyat’ Ft. YVNG ₱ESO—Editor’s Pick”

Kiyo Soars For His Dreams In Latest Introspective Track, ‘Puyat’ Ft. YVNG ₱ESO—Editor’s Pick

Credit: kiyo/YouTube

Kiyo gets real about the inner workings of getting older and fame in his intimate new single, “Puyat” (Restless), featuring YVNG ₱ESO.

The Filipino multidisciplinary artist initially released the track on January 22 and shared the accompanying self-directed black-and-white visual on January 28.

The opening part of the video shows a boodle fight (a Filipino communal feast, where food is served on banana leaves and people eat with their bare hands) with kiyo and his community in an alley.

On “Puyat,” kiyo touches on his anxieties unknown to people, rethinking and reminding himself of his priorities in life. He articulates his fears of wasting opportunities, and getting old and being branded a fluke (Ang dami nang tyansang nasayang, ayokong tumandang / Tatawaging naka-tsamba, o kaya ay nasayang).

The ”Ikaw Lang” artist also reflects on how he evolved through the years, working on his career, and how his relationships with people change—or end. He raps in the chorus about recognizing his flaws and mistakes, as he tells listeners (and himself) that it’s part of being human.

During the track release, kiyo wrote, “Wag hahayaang mamatay ang apoy ng pansariling pangarap. lipad, lipad, lipad!! wag mo kakalimutan ang tunay na ikaw.” (Don’t let the fire in your dreams burn out. Fly, fly, fly! Don’t forget the real you.”

Kiyo recruits rapper YVNG ₱ESO, who shares his way of life, getting in the rap game to provide for himself and how he treats living as a competition of sorts.

This is his first track of the year, following November’s “MAMAPATAWADNA.”

Watch “Puyat” below:

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