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#Killer Mike addresses video with Cesar Pina, claims he “did no business” with accused scammer

Pina is charged with running a multi-million dollar real estate Ponzi scheme.

Killer Mike addresses video with Cesar Pina, claims he “did no business” with accused scammer

Killer Mike and Cesar Pena.


Cesar Pina has become one of the most discussed names in the rap industry over the past few weeks. The 45-year-old New Jersey resident was a well-known real estate influencer on social media with videos hawking investment strategies and seminars. Last Friday, Pina was arrested and charged with spearheading an elaborate Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors out of millions. By then, the rap world was paying close attention thanks in part to DJ Envy, the Breakfast Club co-host who appeared in videos with Pina and hosted him on the radio. (Envy has not been criminally charged and denied involvement in Pena’s practices two weeks prior to his arrest, calling himself a “victim.”)

However, Envy wasn’t the only rap figure to appear alongside Pina. Last night (October 26), a video resurfaced of Killer Mike alongside Pina in Adamsville, the neighborhood where Mike grew up. Standing in front of a building, Mike introduces Pina, saying “Cesar, you gotta show me the gold mines that surround me. Pina then details the structure’s 28 units, calling it a “home run” investment at “under-market value.” Mike responds approvingly to everything Pina says before ending the video to “ride around and look at some more shit.”

It didn’t take long for Mike to issue a statement on his appearance in the video. “A mutual friend told me I should meet him so I did 🤷🏿‍♂️” Mike wrote on Twitter. “We did no business, I never endorsed him and if u watch the video I just looked at some shit he showed me and got outta there.” Watch the video below; The FADER has reached out to Killer Mike’s representative for additional information.

Pina has pleaded not guilty to one count of federal wire fraud, and has been released on $1 million bond. He also faces at least 20 civil lawsuits from investors who saw barely any money despite being promised easy windfalls.

By Jordan Darville

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