#Julian Edelman ‘got the red ass’ about season without Tom Brady: Patriots teammate

#Julian Edelman ‘got the red ass’ about season without Tom Brady: Patriots teammate

June 8, 2020 | 4:14pm

As a post-Tom Brady era descends upon New England, one of Brady’s former pass-catchers and pals Julian Edelman is fired up to prove the haters wrong.

“Julian is Julian. He hates excuses. He hates to lose,” one Patriot told Michael Giardi of NFL Network. “He’s already got the red ass about this season. People thinking we’re no good and (that) he’s just a product of Brady.”

After the Patriots’ season came to an abrupt end in the wild-card round, 34-year-old Edelman promptly began lobbying for his 11-year teammate to stay in New England. He made public pleas and multiple social media posts begging Brady to remain a Patriot and even began selling “Stay Tom” merchandise.

But with the Brady divorce finalized, many have depicted a bleak outlook with the possibility of a Jarrett Stidham-led offense looming. The Patriots have yet to make a move for any of the free agent quarterbacks (due in part to salary cap restrictions), nor did they pursue one in the 2020 NFL Draft. Stidham — the 23-year-old fourth-rounder from last year’s draft —  is currently the assumed heir in spite of a his limited NFL resume.

“I think you started to hear it right after Brady left from players, ‘I guess well everyone says we’re no good now,’” Giardi told WEEI on Monday. “I think you’re getting the leaders of this team, that is a theme they are going to latch on to.”

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman
New England Patriots wide receiver Julian EdelmanIcon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Patriots’ dearth of weapons and offensive struggles last season were seen as significant contributing factors towards Brady’s eventual departure. Edelman was the team’s best pass catcher with 100 receptions for 1,117 yards and six touchdowns. Running back James White was a distant second with 72 catches for 645 yards and five touchdowns.

“I think [Edelman] very much wants to prove, a lot of them, that narrative is very much false,” Giardi said. “I think he has been the guy, at least from talking to people, that has really latched on to that motivation and that narrative and is trying to run with it.”

Edelman — along with receivers Damiere Byrd and Gunner Olszewski and veteran backup QB Brian Hoyer — has been participating in independent throwing sessions led by Stidham with team activities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“[Edelman’s] been very involved in the throwing sessions, very involved with the other receivers and getting them comfortable with the playbook and the system,” Giardi added. “Damiere Byrd has been working out and he has been helping Byrd and obviously he has taken Gunner Olszewski under his wing. He loves that kid. Gunner has been part of this as well.”


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