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#JT Was ‘Mad About Ice Spice’ During Lil Uzi Fight, Says A$AP Bari

A$AP Bari has responded after JT partly blamed him for her fight with Lil Uzi Vert at the 2023 BET Awards, claiming the City Girls rapper was “really mad about Ice Spice.”

JT and Yung Miami appeared on The Breakfast Club on Thursday (October 26) to promote their new album RAW, where the former spoke about her high-profile bust-up with her boyfriend at the awards show in June.

The Florida native explained that the dispute began when Uzi, who she affectionally described as “a frantic kid,” came to her after performing and told her that they wanted to leave, despite the fact that the show had just started.

“I had on this big-ass dress, so I’m thinking he leaving and about to send somebody back to come and get me,” she explained at the 57-minute mark in the video below. “But when I get up, he down there chilling with Bari — his friend that be brought.

“You should have made sure I had that seat. It was never about another artist. It’s about you made sure that Bari was in his seat. He was chilling there like, ‘Yeah, bitch. I’m sitting right here.’ He was supposed to get up!”

She continued: “You were supposed to check him as soon as I got down there like, ‘Get up and let my girl sit down.’ He acting like he drunk and delirious and he don’t know what’s going on. So I’ma turn up in this bitch! ‘Cause he know how I am and how I can get.

“I feel like both of them as men, you should’ve got up quick, you should’ve thought fast. All of that extra sitting down like, ‘I’m at the awards.’ You ain’t no rapper, you should’ve got up.”

After the interview aired, A$AP Bari — a fashion designer/influencer and co-founder of the A$AP Rocky-led A$AP Mob collective — took to his Instagram Stories to hit back at JT, accusing her of “lying” about what happened.

“He ain’t want you [sitting] there dusty bitch. Stop lying,” he wrote. “She was really mad about ice spice not me. She called him a groupie cause he was sitting next to her. Bitch sold 6k talking about me.”

In follow-up posts, he added: “I’m always the bad guy huh. I got respect for all [women]. You can’t never make me look like I’m some lame.”

JT seemingly caught wind of Bari’s comments and fired back on X, writing: “Hoe ass n-ggas be so jealous of bitches! If I can turn nothing into something, What make you think I can’t turn something into some more?!”

JT and Lil Uzi Vert’s heated argument made headlines when footage emerged of the City Girls star angrily throwing her phone at the Philadelphia rapper and calling them a “bitch-ass n-gga” and a “groupie.”

Another video posted on BET’s TikTok page showed Uzi speaking to a visibly upset JT while she was sat in the audience. The couple later resolved their issues as they were seen leaving the awards show together at the end of the night.

Rumors suggested that their dispute was over Ice Spice, who Uzi was seen sitting next to in a photo the “Munch (Feelin’ U)” hitmaker posted on Instagram.

They also namedropped the Bronx rap star during their performance, rapping: “I’m fucking the dogshit out of this bitch, her wig came off twice/ She had a lil’ fro, she look like Ice Spice.”

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