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#Joker 2 Has DC Fans Asking, ‘Is a Sequel Really Necessary?’

#Joker 2 Has DC Fans Asking, ‘Is a Sequel Really Necessary?’

Joker 2 is happening at Warner Bros., and the news has many DC fans asking if a sequel to the Oscar-winning movie is really necessary, which is perhaps not quite the reaction the studio was hoping to hear. On Thursday, it was reported at THR that Joker co-writer/director Todd Phillips had signed a deal to co-write the next Joker “installment” for Warner Bros., but no additional information was given. It’s not a tremendous shocker, given the exorbitant amounts of money made by the original, but it’s having a mixed response with DC fans.

“Should’ve capitalized on the success of the first, and done a different villain,” tweeted one disappointed fan. “Would’ve been way more hype, and not all of us agreeing that we don’t need a Joker 2.”
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“We really don’t need a Joker 2 movie especially when there’s so many other batman villains who can hold their own movie like Scarecrow? Mr Freeze? Clayface? Killer croc? Etc? Give another character a shot,” adds another fan.

Also feeling other supervillains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery still need their stories told, another fan said, “Gotham mob families crime drama; Poison Ivy eco-terrorist thriller; Lady Shiva martial arts underworld action epic — the creative possibilities are endless. What did we get? Joker 2.”

“Why do we need Joker 2?” another person asks. “One was fine. Other than introducing Harley Quinn or Batman, I can’t see what else they could do.”

Another tweet reads: “mixed feelings… I saw Joker more times in theatre than any other film and I’m already scared of ruining its perfection.”

Even though many are concerned about Joker 2 potentially devaluing the original, most everyone also seems to agree that they’ll still pay to watch the sequel regardless. Posting an image of a clown using the computer, one person said, “Me tweeting we don’t need a Joker 2 knowing full well I’ll go see it.”

“There doesn’t need to be one. I really liked The Joker as a standalone. (BUT I’d absolutely watch Joker 2),” says someone else.

Because Joker was not a traditional comic book adaptation, it does not lend itself to a sequel as well as most other DC or Marvel movies. On its own, the movie works perfectly as a standalone story with no connections to any other movies or even the need to tease a sequel at the end. It’s also worth pointing out that Bruce Wayne is still a young boy in the Joker continuity, so a Batman vs. Joker confrontation couldn’t happen unless they move the story ahead several years and also depict Arthur Fleck as a much older man.

Even so, the possibility of a sequel always seemed likely, given the immense success of Joker. The smash blockbuster hit, which won Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for Best Actor, pulled in more than $1 billion at the box office with a budget of less than $70 million. Todd Phillips has always been rather coy when it comes to discussing the potentiality of Joker 2, but maybe all it took was the right story idea… or just the right amount of zeroes on the check given to him by Warner Bros.

In any case, there’s no release date set for Joker 2. You can see what many other fans are saying about the rumored sequel on Twitter.

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