#Jeff Bezos would now be worth $200 billion if he hadn’t divorced

#Jeff Bezos would now be worth $200 billion if he hadn’t divorced

June 8, 2020 | 4:13pm

Jeff Bezos would have become the world’s first $200 billion man on Monday — if not for that pesky divorce last year.

The world’s richest man saw his net worth grow by $2.6 billion on Monday to top $152 billion, according to Forbes, while ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos saw her own wealth hover just shy of the half-century mark, at $49.6 billion.

Bezos, who owns an 12-percent stake in Amazon, has been the richest person on earth since 2017, and has added more than $40 billion to his net worth over the past three months as the coronavirus pandemic kept Americans stuck indoors and turning to the e-commerce giant for their shopping needs.

His divorce settlement with MacKenzie in July of last year saw her walk away with nearly 20 million shares of Amazon, which at the time were valued at about $38 billion.

A report last month projected that Bezos could be on track to become the world’s first trillionaire by 2026. The world’s top billionaires have added more than $420 billion to their net worths since the start of the pandemic.

Shares of Amazon were up 1.7 percent on Monday, at $2,524.58.


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