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It’s Home Alone Run Through a Meat Grinder

#It’s Home Alone Run Through a Meat Grinder

An especially precocious teenage girl engages in a brutal game of hide and seek with white supremacists. Becky takes the Home Alone concept and runs it through a meat grinder. The film is gruesome as hell, but not mindless gore. The ultra realistic violence reflects the savagery of the characters. Becky has a will for survival and vengeance. The antagonists discover that their seemingly hapless prey is no pushover.

Becky (Lulu Wilson) has trouble adjusting to her mother’s death. Her father, Jeff (Joel McHale), checks her out of school early for an impromptu vacation. They are going to visit their lake house for the first time in a year. Becky ignores her dad during the drive. He has something to say, but she doesn’t want to listen. Becky plays with her dogs, turns up the radio; anything to avoid having a meaningful conversation.

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Jeff’s girlfriend (Amanda Brugel) and her young son (Isaiah Rockcliffe) await them at the lake house. Becky is distraught by their presence. She storms off to her tree fort in a huff, just missing a dangerous visitor. Dominick (Kevin James) is a Neo-Nazi gang leader. He, his hulking lieutenant, Apex (Robert Maillet), and two other racist disciples have escaped from prison. Years of planning have led to this point. The couple and their children will not stand in Dominick’s way. Becky must defend her family while outwitting the merciless intruders.

The plot is simple, but intense. Becky jumps headfirst into conflict. An adolescent’s spat is quickly overtaken by the harrowing hostage scene. The stakes become apparent early. The baddies make a statement to show they mean business. Their initial crimes are so ghastly, they set the stage for a cruel escalation. The audience can sense their comeuppance will be severe.

Available this weekend at home on streaming PVOD, Becky is not for the squeamish. There are highly disturbing scenes of torture and abuse. The situation devolves into a bloody tit for tat. Dominick, a vile bully and manipulator, tries to cow Becky. She’s just a frightened girl. How much trouble could she be? The answer is devastating. There’s a great scene where Becky‘s emotional turmoil turns into ferocious resolve. She becomes an almost primal creature.

Kevin James goes completely against type as a truly despicable villain. It’s refreshing to see such a beloved, family-oriented comedian take an acting risk. Dominick is a fanatical true believer. Covered in Nazi tattoos, he spouts supremacist ideology while inflicting awful pain. He and Becky, oddly enough, are the perfect adversaries. Becky earns Dominick’s respect. She descends to his level, then proves to be just as deadly. Lulu Wilson gets her hands dirty, and takes a few lumps along the way. No one comes out unscathed in this film.

Becky is a dark escapist adventure with sleek editing, a gritty techno score, and macabre make-up effects. Becky packs a sanguineous wallop. Action and horror fans will be delighted. Yale Productions, BondIt Media Capital, and SSS Entertainment are the primary producers. Becky will be released nationally at drive-in theaters, and on demand June 5th from Quiver Distribution.

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