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#Interview with ProSieben MAXX: “Detective Conan”, simulcast and much more

#Interview with ProSieben MAXX: “Detective Conan”, simulcast and much more

After another four years have passed, we asked ProSieben MAXX again for a short interview on the subject of anime. Once again Tom Schneider, Senior Editor at Seven.One Entertainment Group, answered our questions …

Four years ago, on September 27, 2017, we conducted the first interview with ProSieben MAXX. A lot has happened in the eight-year history of the station. In doing so, we will not only review the past, but also take a look into the future.

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(1) It has been a good four years since our last conversation. How does anime programming at ProSieben MAXX differ today from back then?

ProSieben Maxx’s anime offering has evolved over time, but not just over the past four years. You have to look at it a bit more broadly: When ProSieben Maxx started animation a little more than eight years ago, the program was a hybrid of anime and action / adventure series from the USA. The program was also initially aimed primarily at a children’s audience. But then we decided to focus exclusively on anime and to appeal more to a youthful and young adult audience.


(2) Four years ago, the focus was even more on established formats such as “Naruto”, “One Piece” or “Detective Conan”. Today the program is more diverse. Where did the courage come from?

With the experience of the last few years, the competence has also grown. We have decided to program shorter formats in addition to cross-country skiers with a switch-on guarantee and also to serve a different sub-genre.


(3) Do the anime publishers approach you with series suggestions – or do you each scan the market for highlights?

As well as. We have a very good relationship with all publishers and we regularly exchange ideas. Of course, we watch the anime market very closely and try to secure interesting projects early on, but licensors also come up to us and ask whether there is interest in one or the other format.


(4) Anime episodes often occupy the top positions in the most viewed videos in your media library. Do animes perform better on stream than on linear television and are VOD-exclusive animes an option?

Both work. In my experience, the cross-country skiers in the daily program perform better on TV than, for example, the short skiers in the Anime Night. The daily program on linear television is a reliable contact point and the viewer knows what he is getting and when. It looks a little different on Fridays at prime time and late in the evening. Our viewers often want to decide for themselves when they want to see our program.

VOD-exclusive animes are an option, but it’s always a question of budget.


(5) How satisfied are you with the broadcast of animes in the program? What is your long-term goal with the genre?

We are very satisfied. Anime is an integral part, a cornerstone of ProSieben Maxx and it should stay that way.


(6) The anime block was shortened at the beginning of 2021. Do you want to give the program window more space again in the future (possibly also on weekends) or restrict it further?

It’s a question of supply and refinancing. With currently three hours of anime program a day, five days a week, we have an approximate requirement of 1,560 anime half-hours per year. That’s a lot of program slots that have to be filled! I don’t want to rule out an expansion of the program window, but I can’t promise it. There are no plans to reduce it again.

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