#Inder Copper Pen beautifully ages for a look that is uniquely yours

“Inder Copper Pen beautifully ages for a look that is uniquely yours”

The Inder Pen The Copper Collection
Copper is a natural element often ignored whenever gold and silver are the other available options. Not many people realize this, but copper is also unique like those two precious metals commonly used in making jewelry and coins. It is a good heat and electricity conductor, which is why it is used in electronics such as motors and wirings. Copper is also strong and pliable, making it a perfect material for crafting different mundane but very useful objects. The element actually extends even beyond the physical properties as it can also be vital to one’s health and diet. As an ideal example of those characteristics, there is a copper fountain pen ready to offer sophistication while functioning as a pen for whatever your writing needs are.

Designer: Rakha Singh

The Inder Pen Copper Pen

The Inder Pen Copper Pen

Rakha Singh specially designs the Inder Pen as a beautiful, elegant, and slim pen that appears minimalist sans any logo or clip. It doesn’t have an embellishment you would typically find on expensive pens. This thing comes in copper, giving a look and feel some warmth, especially when touched. Copper as a material gets beautiful with age, developing patina in either turquoise or deep charcoal which means the shade will be unique for every user. You can also choose for the fountain pen to get some polishing into something with a more excellent, shiny finish. The Inder Pen boasts an untreated copper surface, but the patina changing over time can give it a look that is uniquely yours. The copper pen is also low-maintenance as you can use lemon or vinegar to clean the surface.

The copper Inder Pen can grow with you, that is if you don’t carelessly misplace the pen as any of your other pens. Hopefully, the novelty of the pen and the price will make you more conscious and protective of your stuff. Anything from the Copper Collection can be powerful with its ability to kill 99.9%  of bacteria in about a couple of hours. Now that’s something that may be really helpful these days, especially since the pandemic isn’t over yet.

The Inder Pen The Copper Collection

Anything that would offer peace of mind, at least for a while, is very much welcome on our radar. It may be perfect for people working in sensitive environments like a clinic, hospital, or just about anywhere where sanitation is just as important as air. The designer Singh said: “Copper kills bacteria, yeasts, and viruses on contact and retains this property even after being wiped down, making it ideal for those working in sensitive environments.”

The Inder Pen Copper Pen

Copper is now widely used in art and architecture; that is why we see it more directly in homes and offices. The choice to utilize copper is to make a pen that is beautifully handcrafted from a solid rod of copper with quality and purity. It is actually carved, so you know there is much effort put into one pen alone. The design is sophisticated and yet is created with durability in mind. It can be that one pen you can use forever, not only for how it looks but because it can really stand the test of time. It can be suitable for either light or heavy-duty work because it doesn’t have anything in the design that makes it complicated to understand.

The Inder Pen The Copper Collection

The Inder Copper Pen is just a fountain pen, but it is an incredible choice because it glides on any paper. It allows you to perfectly create letters on a surface with minimum effort and perfect balance. It has a cap that screws for a more effortless opening. The European cartridges are black or blue like regular writing pens, and it has the internal standard pen converter that may help with bottled ink use. A coppery-brown ink cartridge also comes with each order of The Inder Pen to complete the “copperness” of the product.

The Inder Copper Pen part of The Copper Collection by the designer is made by hand and crafted from solid copper. You only need to polish the fountain pen with cloth or wax as the latter may minimize oxidization. It happens naturally, but it’s what makes the copper pen unique; just make sure you’re keeping it away from anything that may harm the material like water, cream, or perfume.

The Inder Pen Copper Collection Case


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