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#In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Bad People

#In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Bad People

Now, there is an official shift in power, but what will that mean for Murphy and the gang?

For the most part, In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11, was a slower hour gearing us up for the final two installments of the season when they’ll likely ratchet up all the drama, excitement, and stakes.

Murphy and the crew are free of Nia, but they’re nowhere near out of hot water.

Making Mom Proud - Tall - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

As expected, the first few moments of the hour showed us what led Jess to the bar, pulling that trigger to save Murphy, and the truth about Sterling came out along the way.

Sterling was the quiet MVP of the hour, and it’s doubtful any of them could have pulled off much of anything without her.

After most of the season seemingly laid back and with showing limited grit compared to her boss or ex-girlfriend, it was her hour to shine and showcase why she worked for Nia in the first place.

Jess: How do you know about Nia?

Sterling: I was working for her. Keeping tabs on things. That’s why I ran away with you. Jess, what we have is real.

And, of course, it’s redundant at this point to talk about how fantastic Brooke Markham has been this season. The scenes leading up to the shooting and the moments after were brief enough, but Jess has become such a fully realized character.

Jess Saves Murphy  - In The Dark

From the adorableness of her fumbling through Sterling’s belongings with innocent intentions of searching for a tampon, to the hurt and resignation when Sterling confessed that she was a plant all of this time, she took you on a rollercoaster of emotion along with her.

But the thing about Jess is she’s such an emotional character, but this season, we got to see her be that while also trying to keep it under wraps. She has learned how to utilize her emotions for her betterment to help her cope with everything.

And when you think about that, and how at the heart of the series it’s about the love story between Murphy and Jess, everything led up to her pulling that trigger.

Dealing With the Fallout - In The Dark

One of the best moments was the bathroom scene in the aftermath. The conversation between Murphy and Jess was simple but poignant. The heat of their argument and everything else was long gone, and their relationship was at its barest bones.

Jess never had to decide to kill Nia. It wasn’t a choice; it was instinct as we’re inclined to do whatever to protect our own. No matter where they stood with each other, there was no other option but to pull that trigger. It was as natural as a heartbeat.

Murphy: I’m fine. You’re the one who had to decide to pull that trigger.

Jess: It wasn’t a decision. I would never ever let anything happen to you. Ever.

And it’s a mark of Jess’s growth and excellent arc through the course of the series that she started barking out orders and getting to work, wasting no time.

For so long, there was the illusion that Jess’s emotions made her a weak-link, but she has forged a path where they don’t always hold her back.

Bickering - Tall - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

It was also refreshing that the hour went out of the way to point out that she was on her menstrual cycle this entire time. Sure, there was a humorous element to that, but also something badass too. They could’ve played up the weepy angle that made her ineffectual, but they didn’t.

She was juggling the absolute worst: killing someone, two dead bodies, impending danger, betrayal, a breakup, and more at a time when she would probably prefer to be at home in bed with a heating pad and snacks.

Sterling: Hey, I love you.

Jess: I love you, too.

And that’s what made Jess the least annoying in their body-burying adventure because she was trying to get shit done.

The others cracked in different ways, though.

Murphy Goes HOme - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

For example, Felix was a MOOD when he damn near said, “f**k Murphy’s lip.” They had two dead bodies on their hands, Vincent got away knowing they killed Nia, and Josiah was coming after them, but Max wanted to take a moment to dab Murphy’s lip.

And these are the times when I reiterate that Max and Murphy, while cute in theory, are a pain in the ass as a pairing. Their love so often comes at the expense of everyone else in all of these ways, big or small.

Max: I’m just trying to find a cold rag for Murphy’s lip. Is that OK with you?

Felix: Murphy’s lip? Murphy’s lip? That’s what you’re concerned about right now? We’ve got two dead bodies, and there’s blood everywhere.

Murphy got her ass handed to her by Nia, no doubt, but Jess didn’t even have time to process that she killed someone. Ben was dead on the floor.

They found out Sterling used to work with Nia. Time was of the essence and pressing, and there was no damn time for Max and Murphy to get moony-eyed over each other or work out their situationship.

Burying Bodies - Tall  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

But the most annoying was the two of them having a quickie in the middle of the woods when they were supposed to be digging the grave. And Max trying to figure out the state of their relationship, suspecting that Murphy has feelings for Josh too.

Honestly, no one has time for this CRAP! They barely put a dent in it. Max and Murphy are addicted to each other, but moments like that are when it’s maddening.

Felix was such a nuisance too. In addition to the “screw Murphy’s lip and Max and Murphy sexytimes,” we can add “screw Chelsea and Ben” on there too. Felix cares about Chelsea; that’s fine, but he wasn’t realistic here.

Max the Charmer - Tall  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

Everyone else was making sacrifices and doing things they didn’t want to do, and there was no way for him to be exempt from this. He’s blaming himself over Ben, but there’s nothing the could’ve done about him.

They couldn’t risk Ben leading the police back to them or anything else. They know they’re on the cops’ radar. Hell, that’s half of why the night played out as it did in the first place.

I’m sorry. We’re not bad people.

Not to be heartless, but screw Ben, too! And the only one who cares about Chelsea’s feelings right now is Felix. Her feelings don’t trump everyone else’s lives.

Felix and Chelsea’s relationship was never one worth investing in, so it’s hard to care about it and the effects this has on him or them. Jess and Sterling were more appealing.

Felix is Overruled - Tall  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

And while they were duking it out and at odds with one another throughout the entire ordeal, and Jess reeled from her fiancee’s secret, you still couldn’t help but root for them.

You couldn’t deny the feelings between the pair, and maybe under different circumstances, they could’ve made it work. It’s sad, and not only are Sterling and Jess no more but is anyone else worried that Sterling will end up dead?

Sterling: I’ll take care of Sam and Vincent. 

Murphy: How are you going to do that?

 Sterling: Just trust me

She assured the others that she would take care of Vincent and Sam, but Sam was about to kill her when she found Sterling and Jess. She stole Sam’s truck.

Now, maybe that’s a way to connect Sam to Nia and Ben’s bodies if it comes down to it, but as for how this affects Sterling, she may be a dead woman.

Sterling Scouts - Tall  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11

Not only is Sterling on Sam’s kill list along with “The Guiding Hope Kids,” but she’s definitely going after Darnell now, right?

Sam begins the season as the levelheaded one who always rode Nia’s case about letting her emotions cloud her judgment, and now she’s that person. She wants to avenge Nia’s death.

Vincent: What we need is to get those drugs.

Sam: We need to get justice for Nia.

Vincent: I know you want to kill those Guiding Hope kids, but if they promised the stash to Josiah, and they didn’t deliver, he’ll kill them. Our hands are clean.

Sam: No, I’ll get them myself. But I wasn’t talking about them. They’re not the only ones responsible for Nia’s death.

Instead of focusing on getting the drugs back, as she should as a smart businesswoman, she’s focused on vengeance. She already killed Vincent; do you think she’s headed for Darnell? She’s been annoyed with how often Nia let him off the hook before, and she’s been itching to make him pay.

Without Nia stopping her, or the knowledge that Darnell is Nia’s brother, she has murder on the mind. Chances are neither Murphy nor Max gave Darnell a head’s up.

The Henchmen - tall  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 4

Meanwhile, Dean continues to be a despicable person. Did you see the look of surprise on his face when Gene showed up at his doorstep drunk but alive?

And he still treated the man, who has broken laws and “bent rules” to help Dean, as if he were a gnat inconveniencing him.

Dean was too focused on getting his money, and again, the gall of this man is surreal.

Dean knows that Nia is dead, and he also is aware that Murphy is alive, and they’re responsible for it. He can’t get his money from Nia, so it’ll be interesting to see what his next play is.

Devious Dean  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 6

Will he go after Murphy and the others again? He had no problem sacrificing her before. Will he try to appeal to them to get the drugs?

Will he make a bold move and go to Josiah? It’s hard to say where Dean ends up after Nia’s death. I can’t predict how he’ll use this new information in his favor, especially as it pertains to Murphy.

It’s OK not to be OK, Murph. You can talk to me.

And also, will Josh have a role in anything else going on, or was he only going to be a romantic contrivance for Max and Murphy?

As much as we can say that they messed up going back for Pretzel, Josiah was going to catch up to them in no time. They aren’t career criminals.

Josh's Injury - tall  - In The Dark Season 2 Episode 7

Max was the most experienced of them all, and as we saw with his near-constant bickering with Felix and his bad choices, he’s not great at it.

The final image of Josiah sitting in Jess and Murphy’s apartment, stroking Pretzel as if he was the villain in an Austin Powers movie was quite a visual.

You promised me drugs. Where are my drugs?

We should brace ourselves for the last two installments of the season. Something tells me they’re going to be a ride. Are you ready for them?

What do you think will happen? Hit the comments with all of your reactions and predictions.

You can watch In The Dark online here via TV Fanatic!

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