#If you live in a storm-prone area you need these night lights that double as flashlights

If you live in a storm-prone area, you know just how important it is to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. A well-stocked emergency kit that has all of the essentials — a first aid kit, batteries, blankets and water — can mean the world of a difference in a crisis. And in many cases, a limited-time power outage is perhaps the best-case scenario one can hope for during an emergency. But being prepared during a power outage also requires a bit of forethought; namely, knowing where you backup flashlights, batteries, candles and matches are during a blackout. Fortunately, I’ve found a gadget that I think solves for those problems — and it’s all thanks to my own mom.

I first discovered these handy nightlights that double as flashlights from my nearly 60-year-old mother, who lives alone in a part of the country where tornados and electricity-shuttering thunderstorms are extremely common. She purchased some night lights like these so that she could find her way around the house at night, but also in the case of an emergency if her power goes out. And I’m so glad she did!

These unique night lights from Sunbeam are made with a color-changing LED light that automatically turns on from dusk to dawn for everyday use — or can be set to only come on with motion. During power failures, they’ll shine bright white and can be removed from the outlet and used as a portable flashlight. And this pack comes with three, so you can put them in the rooms where you need them. No more searching for batteries or candles during a blackout ever again.


When the power goes out, you’ll be ready with this combination nightlight that converts into an emergency flashlight when you need it. 

One enthusiastic review put it best when they said: “The thing that makes this plug in light so great is that when power goes out, it stays on,” they wrote. “You can also use it as a flashlight or task light, no batteries needed! I wish I bought these years ago! They are super handy. No more searching around for a flashlight when the power goes out, no more worrying about batteries.”

$35 at Walmart

These handy emergency flashlight/night lights have come in handy in more than one occasion for my mom, especially with record-breaking storms sweeping much of the globe now more than ever. She’s told me they bring her peace of mind, and she doesn’t have to worry about charging them or having batteries for them when she really needs them.

But what I like most about these little lights it’s that they’re not just good for people who live in areas that frequently lose power during strong storms — though that’s obviously the best use-case for them. They’re also extremely useful products for aging parents who live alone and want some added security around the house for peace of mind.

Lots of reviewers seem to think so, too.

“We luckily have not had to use the Emergency Preparedness Flashlight yet but it gives me peace of mind to know they are there when I need it and don’t have to scramble to find candles or flashlights,” wrote one reviewer at Walmart. “This is definitely an added necessity all families could use.”

“These work absolutely amazingly,” said another Walmart reviewer. “We actually lost power a few nights ago and these were incredibly useful. I could not have gotten them at a better time and I could not be more happy with them and their ease of use.”

One reviewer makes an excellent point about the style of these nightlights blending well into everyday home decor.

“The best thing about them is that they don’t look bad when hanging out on your wall,” they wrote. “Lots of these emergency lights are really kind of ‘clinical’ looking and these are streamlined with side control button/switch.”

  • Sunbeam 16988 5-In-1 Night Light & Emergency Flashlight

As if you needed any more convincing that these are a good investment, they also happen to be on sale at Walmart for just $35 for a pack of three. That’s a savings of $15!

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