#How to Market to a Generation X Target Market

How to Market to a Generation X Target Market

#How to Market to a Generation X Target Market
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Generation X was born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. The Generation X target market comprises highly educated, tech-savvy, independent consumers who value authenticity in the brands they patronize. With this information, it is important to understand how to reach out effectively and market to this target demographic.

In this article, learn some strategies for marketing to Generation X so you can ensure your products and services are reaching them.

1. Use a Traditional Communication Medium

To effectively reach out to the Generation X demographic, traditional mediums such as voice broadcasting can be leveraged. Some Gen Xers may not be as active on social media as younger generations. Because of this, social media marketing may not always be the best way to reach a Gen X target market. However, Gen Xers still have phones, so voice broadcasting is a great marketing medium.

Voice broadcasting provides instant engagement opportunities and can be a great option for any business looking to reach out to Generation X. Therefore, your business should consider using a voice broadcasting service.

2. Create a Relevant Message

The most important aspect of marketing to Generation X is creating a relevant message that speaks specifically to them. This age group has lived through dramatic technological advancements, raised their children, faced retirement issues, and more — all of which should be considered when crafting a message that speaks directly to their experience and sensibilities. Gen Xers also prefer concise messages that get straight to the point without much fuss or frills.

3. Focus on Quality Content

Generating brand awareness and creating trust is essential when marketing to the Generation X demographic. Focusing on high-quality content can help meet this goal. With consumers from this group having an entrenched reluctance to be sold, a successful strategy must incorporate interesting, informative, entertaining, or useful content. Crafting a message around what the audience values and seeks out shows respect for their intelligence, resulting in more engagement.

Additionally, all content should be professionally produced with good design and an appropriate tone that speaks to the members of Generation X while still resonating with other groups. Content-driven marketing using high-value messaging is vital to reach a Generation X target market successfully.

4. Choose Your Channels Wisely

It’s also important to consider where you’ll distribute your content when marketing to Generation X. While traditional media outlets like television and radio remain popular among certain subsets within the group, many Gen-Xers also engage heavily with digital channels such as social media networks (Facebook & Instagram) and online video platforms like YouTube.

It’s also important to note that Gen-Xers tend to be less likely than younger generations to follow brands on social media activity but are more likely to respond when engaged directly by them via email or other direct communication methods such as banner advertisements on websites or in apps. So, be sure you’re using the right mix of methods for outreach purposes when targeting any generation.

5. Be Authentic

Compared with other demographics, the key differentiator for Generation X is their preference for authenticity in messaging and product offerings from businesses they patronize. This means it’s important to create meaningful messages targeted at their unique experiences and offer genuine value through your products/services—a task that becomes easier if you create an honest connection with them upfront by being authentic in your communications from the start!

Also, offering options like online reviews or customer feedback forums can help further legitimize your brand in the eyes of Gen Xers, who may be skeptical about claims made by companies they do business with, even if those claims are accurate!

6. Use Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals can be a valuable tool when marketing to Generation X. This demographic is often connected to their peers and family, which makes them receptive to personal recommendations from these people. It’s important to develop an authentic relationship with Generation X customers.

Communication should be honest and direct, as these customers have a low tolerance for gimmicks or thinly disguised sales tactics. Companies should also focus on service excellence and consistent quality to ensure sustained referrals from Generation X customers.

Encouraging feedback in every interaction is a great way to build trust among this target market, leading to more successful word-of-mouth referrals and better long-term customer relationships.


Marketing effectively towards Generation X requires consideration of several distinct factors, including message relevancy, high-quality content production values, choice of channels used, and overall authenticity throughout every step of engagement.

By keeping these above strategies at the forefront, businesses looking to market towards this target demographic can ensure their efforts will pay off long term, allowing them access into a lucrative segment within today’s consumer population.

by Amy Sloane

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