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#How to know If someone blocked you on social media?

How to know If someone blocked you on social media?

Getting blocked by someone on social media can hurt, mainly if the person who blocked you is your closed one.

If we see the most popular social media application Facebook, the survey report conducted by Time2Playshows that more than half of the participants blocked a family member on that platform.

But when a person outside of the family circle blocks you, it’s normal to wonder what could be the reason for blocking you on social media.

In that case, there can be several reasons for blocking someone. Constant irritation, harassment, bullying, stalking, posting fake news, sharing hateful content and comments, and so on are some of the top reasons for blocking a person.

When you are doing one of those things knowingly or unknowingly, another person might get fed up and block you. However, sometimes people just block you to clean up their friend list.

And if you want to see whether anyone has blocked you on social media platforms and you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. Here in this article, we will discuss how to know if someone blocked you on social media.

Signs that you’ve been blocked

Social media offers different features for user convenience. But still, it lacks a direct way to confirm whether someone banished you there.

To make sure that you are blocked, you need some digging work. While digging, you may find that you are not actually getting blocked. In fact, the person deletes or deactivates their social media account.

Follow the simple ways given below to know if you are being blocked on social media platforms.

1.    No longer appearing in their followers/friends list

In case you have doubts in mind that someone blocks you on Facebook,  Instagram, or any other platform, don’t forget to see your followers or friend list. And in the event the person’s name is no longer present, search for their profile.

If you can find their social media profile, it means they have unfollowed or unfriended you. But they surely have blocked you if you can’t see their profile.

2.    Unable to view their posts or stories

When you find that you can no longer see someone’s profile or communicate with them on the app, it’s possible that they have blocked you. To check, take a look at your social media feed and stories. In case you don’t see any posts from them, it’s likely that they have either blocked or unfriended you.

3.    Unable to send messages or start a conversation

To see if someone has blocked you, the easiest way is to try sending them a message. Go to the person’s profile and, from the chat list, attempt to start a conversation using the last conversation window. If the chat thread displays messages indicating that the profile is no longer in use, then it’s likely that you’ve been blocked.

It’s important to understand that being blocked differs from being unfollowed, unfriended, snoozed, or muted by someone. If someone has blocked you, you will no longer have access to their profile. This means that you can’t send them messages.

4.    Being unable to tag them in posts or comments

You can mention other users in a social media post by tagging them. If the tagged user has their privacy settings configured accordingly, the tag will appear on their profile alongside the post. In case you’re not seeing the tag appear on the user’s profile, you can try tagging them on the post itself.

However, the person who blocked you cannot be tagged in the post or mentioned in the comments. So, it is also another way to check whether the person has blocked you.

5.    Being unable to view their profile

If you find that you are unable to see someone’s activities on your newsfeed, you should search for their profile. To find someone on social media sites, you must use their profile name and search for them.

But unluckily, in case the person you are seeking has blocked you, you won’t find their account. And the profile will not end up in search results too. However, it can also be when users deactivate or delete their profiles.

How to confirm that you’ve been blocked?

After discussing the signs of being blocked, now it’s time to confirm that you’ve been blocked.

There are a few telltale signs that you’ve been blocked on social sites. Let’s discuss some of the ways that help you to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram account, Facebook profile, or other social sites.

1.    Asking mutual friends if they can see the person’s profile

You won’t be able to find a user’s profile for two reasons: they have blocked you, or they have deactivated their account. So, confirm that you can use your other social media account or ask your mutual friend friends to locate it.

When you do that, and your friends fail to see their profile, they have deactivated or deleted their account. However, you are definitely blocked if the person’s name appears in your friend’s search results.

2.    Checking if the account is still active

On the list of “Active Status,” the profiles will appear which are online at the time.  The green dots on the profile’s side indicate that the user’s profile is active.

So you can open the social media application and visit the list of active people. If the profile appears on that list, they are still friends with you. However, on the condition that the person has no longer using social media, you can’t find them there. Don’t assume that you are blocked.

3.    Checking if the account has been deactivated or deleted

On the assumption that you have the URL link of the person’s profile, try to locate it directly. And in case you receive notification messages that the profile/content is unavailable, be sure they have blocked you.

Reasons to block someone on social media.

There are multiple reasons behind a person blocking you on Facebook messenger or other social sites. The reasons can be different from person to person. However, the most common reasons are given below.

1.    Reflecting on your interactions with the person

First of all, it could be a hint that you are bothering people. Your interactions with people might not go well, compels them to cut you off.

When you constantly keep targeting the person, being rude to them and accusing them of sexism or racism, and keep insulting them, they will definitely hate it and stop being in contact with you.

But sometimes, if you have ended a relationship with the person, the next person might block you on every social media application. Even when you think you can be friends, the person might not be interested in that.  They, therefore, cut off any possible means of communication.

2.    Any actions or comments that may have led to the block

Commenting in a mean or offensive manner or sharing fake news is not appreciated. Sometimes, you cross the boundary line and make comments or messages others might not like. As a result, they will block you. Stalking someone and posting inappropriate content on social sites can lead them to block you.

Further, the person might also dislike what you share on your profile, and to stop seeing that, they may unfriend or block you.

3.    The person may have blocked you due to privacy or personal reasons

Sometimes, people go through bad phases and need some time to recover. People may block you from getting over a bad relationship with a close friend. It might be better to give them time to heal rather than forcing them to stay in touch.

How to move forward if someone blocks you on social media?

Instead of taking it personally, as a mature person, you should respect the person’s choice to block you. After all, it’s our life, and we will do the right things for us. So, why force someone to be a friend? Let them live their lives while you move forward and live yours.

1.    Accepting the block and moving on

Don’t take anything on social media personally. Whenever a person blocks you, let them do and accept it.

One important thing that a social media block teaches us is that we don’t have to take it personally all the time. This block may not have anything to do with us if we haven’t been cyberstalking or posting offensive material. Maybe it’s just a boundary that we need to respect.

2.    Reaching out to the person to try and resolve any issues

Sometimes the person who blocked you is not your close friend. And they just are not interested in having us in their lives, not even on social media. In that case, we can’t do anything except accept reality.

However, if the person is your friend or close one, you can reevaluate the relationship. Find out the reason behind their action and reach out to them. Make sure that you won’t repeat your mistake, and then make a fresh start.

3.     Respectfully respecting the person’s decision to block you.

We know that a block can hurt your feelings, but we must realize that others’ feelings are equally important. If it gives them peace, why stand in that way?

The main thing is that you want the happiness of the person you love, and if blocking you give them a way to get over it, then why not just accept it? Accept the truth and respect the decision.


Being blocked by someone doesn’t always mean that it’s because of your bad behavior. The reasons can be several others. But if it is the cause, then take this as a warning and use it to adjust your future interactions.

However, when our own bad behavior does not cause it, it may hint at the other person’s emotional state. In some way, we’ve become toxic for them – even if we didn’t cause it. They may need space and time. They may never want to interact with us again, which is beyond our control.

So, respect the decision and don’t think this is the end of the world because it is not.  Even though we hope someday they will feel differently, the only thing we can do is acknowledge their feelings and accept the block as the boundary it was intended to be.

by Sophie Lasseter

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