#How to Keep Your Grass Looking Nice During Summer

How to Keep Your Grass Looking Nice During Summer

Your lawn is important because it provides a serene landscape and makes your home more appealing. However, various factors, such as insects and diseases, increased traffic from kids and pets, and the hot temperatures during summer can cause the carefully-cultivated grass to dry up, tear and wear, or look brown. Here are the practices that can help ensure your lawn retains its healthy green look all summer long.

Proper Lawn Maintenance

For example, if you live in Flordia, maintaining your lawn after artificial grass installation in Tampa is an effective way to preserve its green color. The grass might develop brown or yellow patches when your pets urinate on it. Extra foot traffic from kids can also cause the grass to dry up. It can also generate soil compaction, which prevents oxygen from reaching the grassroots.

You can protect your lawn from these issues and keep it looking nice by avoiding walking on it. You can also train your pets to play in a small area. Consulting experts can help you know the type and features of the turf in your yard so that you can maintain it accordingly.

Proper Mowing

Improper mowing can damage your grass and affect its health negatively. For instance, moving too short can interfere with its rooting system and leave burnt streaks. Fortunately, you can prevent this damage by mowing at a height of approximately 3 inches. Additionally, trim in the early morning or late evening to prevent the afternoon sun from burning your lawn.

The 1/3 rule indicates that homeowners should not cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. For this reason, you should mow frequently to give your grass a manicured look and keep it at a healthy length.

Deep, Regular Watering

Another way to ensure that your grass looks nice during summer is to water it regularly. Proper and consistent watering enables the grass to develop deeper roots and endure the summer heat. Water it at least once or twice a week and ensure that the water reaches one-and-a-half inches deep.

It is also better to water in the morning because the cool temperatures at that time of the day will minimize evaporation. The timing also allows the grass to capitalize on the morning sun to complete photosynthesis, a process that strengthens plants.

Homeowners should prevent water run-off and avoid using hot water. You can program a smart lawn sprinkler to do the watering instead of doing it manually.

Fertilize the Grass

Fertilizing plays a significant role in keeping your lawn green during summer. This is because fertilizer replaces nutrients that the harsh winter may have depleted. Grass uses these nutrients to grow and survive the hot months.

It is crucial to consult experts to determine the best type of fertilizer for your lawn. Moreover, ensure that you follow the guidelines the manufacturer has provided to avoid applying too much fertilizer that can cause the green to turn brown. After applying the fertilizer, consider watering the grass lightly to allow the products to sink in.

Monitor Diseases and Insects

Insects and plant diseases become more active during the dry months of summer. Moreover, the high humidity makes the grass more vulnerable to fungus. If your plants have brown spots or splotches that do not fade away even after watering them properly, they likely have an insect or disease problem. Contact a professional to diagnose this issue and define the best treatment.

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating your lawn involves getting more water, oxygen, and nutrients into the ground. This process enables the grassroots to breathe more easily and absorb more nutrients.

It also improves the soil’s drainage and prevents fertilizers from running off into the river or sewer. Most homeowners assume that they need expensive machinery to aerate their lawns. However, you can use a simple garden fork.

Weed Eradication and Control

Weeds flourish during summer due to the warm weather. For this reason, you have to get rid of them to keep the grass on your lawn looking green. Start by applying a weed killer before you mow the lawn. This product will help you identify the weeds that are actively growing.


In summary, you can keep your grass healthy and alive during summer by implementing the above maintenance tips. Remember that a perfect and well-maintained lawn is an asset in your home.

by Hannah Boothe

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