#How to Buy Crypto Coins DASH on WhiteBIT?

While the cryptocurrency market is developing, new platforms for crypto trading are emerging. However, every exchange offers different conditions for trading: fees, number of pairs, financial instruments, and the level of safety. When you pick a platform for trading, pay attention to all these factors. Also, pay attention to the platform’s developers and their backgrounds.

One of the most reputable crypto exchanges is WhiteBIT. It has relevant crypto prices and average fees. It offers over 450 traded pairs, including the most popular assets in the market. This article will discuss the DASH project and talk about buying coins on WhiteBIT.

What is Dash?

The DASH project technology aims to provide anonymous currency conversion and transfer globally at low fees and high speed. The Dash platform supports the PayPal system and bank cards. The DASH coin is a middle layer serving for currency conversion, and it is compatible with all digital wallets. One of the main features of the DASH platform is total decentralization and governance by masternodes.

The transactions are confirmed instantly due to the InstantSend technology. Let’s see how to buy DASH.

How to Buy Crypto?

Here is some simple instruction on buying DASH tokens on WhiteBIT (suppose you need to use cash):

  1. register an account and verify it (using the Diya app (available for Ukrainians), you can do it in a couple of hours);

  2. deposit the sum you want to spend (in euros, pounds, or dollars);

  3. open the WhiteBIT converter;

  4. select your currency and DASH, and mention the amount you want to spend;

  5. pay the commission (0,10%);

  6. receive DASH tokens in your account.

You may hold DASH tokens or trade them using WhiteBIT financial tools. Learn more about the platform on its official website and blog, where you will find many interesting articles on crypto trading and overviews of promising crypto assets.

by Kristina Rigina

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