#How Do On-demand Multi-services App like Gojek Will Make Money In 2023?

How Do On-demand Multi-services App like Gojek Will Make Money In 2023?

Do you still recall the banners and advertising that display while you are browsing an online store or watching films on YouTube? These are a few instances of how companies make money from their websites; the same concept applies to mobile apps, both paid and unpaid. With 97% of apps in Google Play and 92.4% in the App Store, Super Apps are the king of the app business, bringing in $74.3 billion annually. But because they are free, how do All One Apps generate revenue?

The possibility to make a sizable profit exists for super App like Gojek. How do you decide on the monetization strategy for your specific app, though? To find out, let’s examine some tips.

How to Choose App Monetization Method In Gojek Clone in 2023?

Consider the following factors while choosing the most lucrative and successful mobile app monetization strategy:

What are the business objectives?

 Every mobile app has a commercial objective or a method that helps a user with an issue. Since users interact with apps in various ways for various purposes, the monetization strategy is impacted by the business goals of the apps. As an illustration, in-app purchases would not function as well as a subscription for a mobile music app, and a mobile subscription is not the ideal choice for educational apps with a lot of custom material. Applying the in-app purchase model along with advertising will therefore yield the highest profit.

Who is your targeted audience?

After you know and comprehend your target consumers, especially paying users, also known as the money-spending core, the best monetization strategy will become clear to you. Make a profile of the users of your app, think about the features they might need, and try to predict how much time they will spend using it.

Who are your competitors?

Every app is intended to bring convenience and comfort to the users. Thus, pay close attention to competitors and other apps in your industry to choose a profitable approach to monetize the apps. There’s a probability that the monetization method employed by other applications in your sector will work for your company as well.

Ever wondered how On-demand Multi-services Apps generate revenue? Let’s look at several techniques you may use to monetize your Super App.

  • 101+ On-demand Services

By using a white-label script, you may give customers access to 101+ services on the go. The app allows you to make modifications as per the changing user’s demands and choices hence, enabling your customers to stay glued to your app for a long.

  • Latest Features

By being aware of what your competitors are providing, you may offer a different set of features to stay ahead of the competition. The way that businesses function may be fundamentally changed by recent innovations like the ability to book a taxi using an iWatch app, location-based push alerts, multiple credit card management, numerous languages and currencies, secure payment gateways, location-based discount codes, etc.

  • Earning Commission from Every Service

There would be various sources of income because of the large range of services offered on a single platform.

The instantaneous You will receive a sizable commission from the Gojek Clone App, resulting in a regular stream of income. Service providers, delivery drivers, and independent service providers all have plenty of options thanks to the New Features making them a lot of money in the process.

  • Display Banner Ads

Display ads or banner ads. So that app users can freely use your app, the banner advertisement shows at the top or bottom of the mobile device screen. However, these advertisements have a very poor engagement rate.

  • Promotion of An App via Coupons and Loyalty Programs

Freebies, reduced costs, special discounts, and loyalty programs all effectively draw customers. The App is currently available and includes the well-designed features “Free Delivery Promo Codes,” “Location-wise Promo Codes,” and “Location-wise Push-notifications.” Get in touch with your app development company right away for further information.

In Conclusion

There are numerous ways to monetize Gojek clone apps, and each one will bring in a different sum of money and have a different user engagement rate. We advise choosing the monetization strategy based on the target market, objective, and app niche.

You can combine many monetization techniques to increase the revenue of your on-demand app:

  • By running advertisements and providing a premium, ad-free edition of your software.
  • Additionally, you can combine subscriptions and advertising, as well as in-app sales with subscriptions.

The Gojek clone is beneficial to everyone. You will be able to make a sizable quantity of money if you choose to go with a GoJek Clone App Development. The mobile app development company you choose will be delighted to take on this difficult task. More users and a variety of opportunities will make merchants pleased. Users won’t have to download numerous mobile apps either. Additionally, the drives will enjoy greater profits.

by Anurag Rathod

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