#Homeless man smashes bottle over his head in NYC deli

#Homeless man smashes bottle over his head in NYC deli

August 17, 2020 | 2:19pm

Disturbing video shows a homeless man smashing a bottle over his own head inside a Hell’s Kitchen deli — near one of the hotels where vagrants have recently been relocated to maintain social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis.

The 10-second clip, taken on August 10 inside the deli across from the Skyline Hotel at 10th Avenue and West 49th Street, shows the vagrant, wearing only a pair of blue shorts, picking a beverage up off a shelf and tossing at his own head before laying down flat on a mat.

It appears he had repeated the same act multiple times, as several bottles are seen strewn across the floor.

The deli manager, who provided the video, told The Post his business hasn’t been the same in recent weeks.

“[The homeless have] broken windows and doors,” he said. “Our customers have changed. We used to see visitors from the hotel and the workers, but now we’ve lost 50 percent of our business. They come in and steal and cause problems. Drugs are being used in front of our eyes.”

TimAnthony Serrano, 50, who lives near the hotel, said he has “definitely” experienced more interactions with vagrants in recent weeks.

“I’ve had one guy approach me and try to pet my dogs, and one second later start verbally threatening me and calling me names,” he said.

“We are constantly being asked for money,” Serrano added. “It’s happening about 80 percent more now.”

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