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#HOLOSTARS English’s Tempus Vanguard 3D Collab Is Now Live

At the time of writing, the previously announced “Tempus Vanguard 3D Collab: Tied Together,” which features HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- members Gavis BettelMachina X FlayonBanzoin Hakka, and Josuiji Shinri in 3D, has just gone live on Shinri’s YouTube channel.

The four VTubers, who joined the HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- unit in 2023, had individual showcases earlier in the month for their newly received 3D models.

“Tempus Vanguard 3D Collab: Tied Together” went live on June 16 at 8PM PDT/June 17 at 12PM JST.

HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- originally debuted in 2022 with Regis Altare, Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, and Noir Vesper. Magni and and Noir have since graduated from the group. Regis and Axel had their 3D debuts in February 2024.

The Regis-Axel portion of HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- is also known as Tempus HQ, similar to how the newer members are the Tempus Vanguard.

Source: Press release

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