#Hire React App Developers: Factors To Consider While Hiring Remote React Developers

Are you looking forward to hiring React developers? Read this blog and know the approximate cost of hiring React developers considering all the factors.

Hire React App Developers: Factors To Consider While Hiring Remote React Developers

Do you want to hire React developers? Don’t know how much it costs to collaborate with a React developer? If not, don’t worry; we are here for you. There are a number of variables that determine the costs. Read this blog if you want to avoid overpaying.

This blog is a guide for those who want to hire React developers, read it and know what you should look for in React developers.

Role Of React Developers

Following are the role of react developers:

  • Develop application interface code using JavaScript
  • Utilise inbuilt tools to create front-end features
  • Develop reusable codes
  • Integrate third-party services with react app
  • Optimise the performance of react app
  • Develop testing environments
  • Coordinate with other team members
  • Make proper documentation of react app
  • Resolve the bugs if found during testing

Factors Affecting Cost Of Hiring ReactJS Developers

Following are the factors that determine the cost of hiring ReactJS developers:

Size Of The Project

The size of the project directly affects the cost of hiring React JS developers. You must be wondering how the size of the project You must be wondering how the size of the project determines the cost; let me make it more simple for you. As the size of the project increases, the time taken to complete a project also increases.

Small-scale projects

When it comes to small-scale projects or may not need a team of react JS developers. Moreover, the development will take relatively less time. Also, these projects consist of a few integrations, which is why development time is minimal.

Following are the apps that fall in this category:

  • Call recording app
  • Memo (notepad) app
  • Scan to pdf app

Medium-scale project

Medium-scale apps require more development time compared to small-scale apps. Seldom a medium-scale app development project also has an app already that requires additional functionalities such as chat, voice call/video call, or any other third-party integration.

Let’s understand with an example, suppose there is an e-commerce app, and now they want to add live chat support to their clients, so it will require more time. Hence the cost of hiring ReactJS developers increases.

Large-scale Projects

As the name suggests, large-scale projects will have more complicated features, high security, and a dozen of integrations. As the name suggests, large-scale projects will have more complicated features, highly secured, a dozen of integrations, and maybe Real-time processing. This adds up in development time and Real-time processing. This adds up in development time, and it further shoots up development costs.

Owing to the scale of the project, one may require a team of developers, project managers, and quality analysts. So the cost of development will be much higher than a small-scale project.

Features Required

Features of the differentiators. There are many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, but all these three platforms have different features, which is why a large number of people are using them day-in-day-out.

So how many features you are going to provide and their level of complexity will determine cost. Simple features such as login, search, push notifications, and shopping cart won’t take much time to implement.

On the other hand, video streaming, real-time data processing, and virtual product trial features will take more time and a higher level of skill. That is, the cost of such projects will be higher than usual.

Engagement Models

The cost of hiring react js developers depends largely on the engagement model. In this section, you will find various engagement models in their effect on the budget.

Dedicated Engagement Model

Dedicated react developers can be hired from offshore web/app development companies. These developers are pre-vetted, Qualified, and skilled. You don’t need to worry about the result when working with dedicated react developers because their experts in offshore development companies for their support if need be.

If you are looking forward to developing a large-scale project, then you should hire dedicated react developers only. And the best thing is you don’t need to keep a constant eye on them; they take full responsibility for their work and are self-managed. And the best thing is you don’t need to keep a constant eye on them, and they take full responsibility for the work in our self-managed.

Fixed Price Engagement Model

When the scope of the project is limited, opt for this engagement model. Also, there is no requirement to maintain or update an app. The quote of the project is determined considering the time required and the complexity of features, and once the requirements are frozen, there is probably no scope for alteration.

You should opt for this engagement model only when you are sure-shot about all the project requirements.

Skills Requirements

In order to build a react app, a few different skills are required, which are as follows:

HTML: It is used in the development of web pages

CSS: It is used in web design and development to define the structure of a website, its layout, and its appearance.

jQuery: jQuery is a JavaScript library for manipulating and formatting data. It is used to manipulate the DOM, create complex effects, and perform complex calculations.

Third-party tools: These tools help react developers to automate the repetitive tasks and save their valuable time.

Cloud technologies: A developer should know these technologies since an app is hosted on cloud servers.

React App Development Project Cost Estimation

Let’s look into the average cost of hiring reactjs developers on the basis of following variables:


Due to the difference in minimum salary, the cost of hiring developers varies across the world. And also there are other factors that plays a significant role here.

Following is list of salary estimation of react programmers for the given locations/countries:

Country Name Salary/year
Canada 42,000 USD
France 44,000 USD
Netherlands 42,000 USD
Norway 77,000 USD
UK 38,000 USD
Italy 39,000 USD
India 9,700 USD



Following is the price table of react developers (on hourly basis) against the given skills:

Skills Hourly Average Rate
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Redux Library, and React Native Technology $15-50+


JS frameworks such as AngularJS, CSS based preprocessors LESS/ SASS $35-100+
Node JS, Express JS, Lambda, RESTful APIs $15-50+


Expert in both back-end basics and a back-end server environment like AWS, back-end JavaScript frameworks like Meteor.js. $35-100+




Following is the price table of react developers against the level of experience

Level of experience Avg. salary/year
Junior level $ 50,000 to 70,000
Intermediate level $ 60,000 to 100,000
Senior level $ 100,000 to 150,000

Over To You

So this was all about the cost of hiring a react developer. I hope after reading this blog, you have got an idea about how costing is calculated. If you know your project requirements fully, you can get an idea about it by yourself only. If you are looking to hire react js developers, then go nowhere else other than EnProwess.

EnProwess is an offshore development company established to serve start-ups, SMEs, and budding entrepreneurs with their React app development requirements. With us, you will get support from Dedicated Software Development Team.

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