#Here’s where you can travel as countries begin to lift coronavirus restrictions

#Here’s where you can travel as countries begin to lift coronavirus restrictions

June 9, 2020 | 1:24pm

Desperate to travel again?

Look no further than Serbia — one of the countries which has lifted entry restrictions for foreign nationals, even as other areas continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

A new interactive map, produced by the International Air Transport Association, allows users to click on individual countries to view a list of their most up-to-date travel restrictions.

But just because the map is available doesn’t mean international travel is easy now.

Click on India and, according to information published on June 4, you’ll read that flights to the South Asian nation are suspended. On the map, India shows a dark blue color, which means “totally restrictive,” as opposed to a lighter blue for “partially restrictive.” There’s also a pale blue for “not restrictive” and a gray for countries “under review,” the latter of which includes Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Even a cursory look at the map shows that international travel is still limited for the time being. The bulk of countries show the dark blue and lighter blue tones.

For an added layer of safety, and to confirm the map’s findings, check the website of the US Embassy in the nation you’re interested in visiting. What’s more: The US Department of State still advises citizens to avoid all international travel to curb transmission of the coronavirus.

The key is doing your research. For instance, the map shows Mexico as having no requirements for international travelers. But the US and Mexico entered into an agreement in March restricting all non-essential travel, which includes tourism, along the border until at least June 22, according to the US Embassy in Mexico. But as The Post reported, Mexico’s airports never shut down.

And keep an eye on news headlines on nations opening to travelers. The Bahamas, for instance, reopens to tourists on July 1. Iceland is preparing to open, but not to Americans. Portugal now allows US citizens to enter without quarantine. Britain, Ireland and Belarus are also open to US travelers, though they will have to quarantine upon arrival.


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