#Google Maps commuting feature can warn about crowded subways

#Google Maps commuting feature can warn about crowded subways

June 9, 2020 | 10:47am

Google Maps has introduced new commuting features that can warn users how crowded a subway car might be during rush hour, or whether there are temperature checkpoints along their drive.

The the popular navigation app’s new features are getting launched in the US, as well as countries like Australia, Spain and the UK as cities begin to reopen from coronavirus lockdowns. They are meant to help because “getting from A to B can be more complicated these days,” Maps head Ramesh Nagarajan said in a blog post.

If a user is planning on traveling by bus, their app will notify them if it is running on a full or limited schedule before they leave the house.

“Having this information before and during your trip is critical for both essential workers who need to safely navigate to work and will become more important for everyone as countries around the world begin to reopen,” Nagarajan said.

Users who are looking to go to the doctor or a coronavirus testing center will get an alert when they input their destination going over the facility’s rules and eligibility criteria “to avoid [you] being turned away or causing additional strain on the local healthcare system.”

Google’s announcement comes as MTA officials said they will be testing new “real-time” air filtration on trains. Subway service on Tuesday was slated to return to operating at full, pre-coronavirus levels, officials said.


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