#Google announces Performance Max updates – including Gemini integration

Advertisers can make use of the new features to enhance the quality of ad creatives and improve the optimization.

Google announced several update to Performance Max (PMax):

  • Asset generation is expanding globally in English with more languages to come.
  • Image editing will finish rolling out in the U.S. in March, with global English expansion following shortly after. 
  • In the coming weeks, as Google upgrades its image generation models to Imagen 2, you’ll be able to generate lifestyle imagery using PMax that shows people in action. 
  • Ad Strength is changing to help advertisers better understand if they have both the quantity and quality of assets needed to maximize performance. 

Asset generation. In November, PMax introduced AI-powered asset generation and image editing. This tool makes it easier to create text and image assets for campaigns. Leveraging Google’s AI model Gemini, PMax can now write longer headlines, with sitelink generation set to be rolled out soon as well.

Imagen 2. In a few weeks, Google is updating its generation models to Imagen 2. With this update on PMax, you will be able to create lifestyle images showing people in action. You can also use image editing to add backgrounds with non-identifiable people. And, if you have images that work well, you will be able to generate more options to scale your creative even further.

Ad Strength. Moving forward, the quantity and diversity of assets will play a more significant role in determining Ad Strength for Performance Max campaigns. This adjustment acknowledges the crucial role these factors play in maximizing the benefits from the wide range of inventory and formats offered across Google channels.

Why we care. You can leverage these new features to enhance the quality of your ad creatives and optimize your campaigns more efficiently.

What Google is saying. Pallavi Naresh, Group Product Manager, Google Ads, said in a statement:

  • “Performance Max campaigns serve across all of Google’s ad inventory, unlocking more opportunities for you to connect with customers.”
  • “It’s important to have a wide variety of creative assets that meet the needs of different customers and formats. Great creative drives results — we found that advertisers who improve their Performance Max Ad Strength to ‘Excellent’ see 6% more conversions on average.”

Deep dive. Read our Performance Max guide for more information on how it can drive conversions and maximize ROI.

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Nicola Agius

Nicola Agius

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