# Gnosia for Switch launches in March in the west

Gnosia for Switch launches in March in the west

(Not in February.)

The Switch version of Gnosia will launch via the Nintendo eShop in March for $24.99, publisher Playism and developer Petit Depotto announced in the February 2021 issue of Nintendo’s “Inside Indie World Newsletter.”

The newsletter first went out earlier today with the wrong release window of February, but has since been updated to the correct window.

Gnosia will be launching for Nintendo Switch in March, not the February timeframe that we indicated in the newest issue of the Inside Indie World Newsletter,” Nintendo said in an email.

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Gnosia first launched for PS Vita in June 2019 in Japan, followed by Switch in April 2020.

Here is an overview of the game, via Playism:


The Gnosia lie. Pretending to be human, they’ll get in close, trick and deceive, and then eradicate each person in the vicinity from the universe – one victim at a time.

The crew of a drifting spaceship, facing off against a mysterious and deadly threat known as the “Gnosia” and having no idea who among them is really the enemy, formulate a desperate plan for survival. The most suspicious among them will be put into “cold sleep” one by one, in an effort to completely rid the ship of Gnosia.

What exactly are Gnosia? Why do they attack humans? Discover the truth behind this mysterious life form and the intertwined narratives of your crewmates as you struggle for survival.

Key Features

Gnosia is an all-new style of text-based adventure combining visual novel, RPG, social deduction and mystery elements.

  • Repeatedly play through “loops,” triggering special events to unravel mysteries in a uniquely original narrative. The story progresses as you play through “loops” where once win or loss conditions have been met the loop resets and another begins, albeit with reshuffled characters and roles.
  • Role-play a variety of roles to develop different character builds. Level up your stats to have more impact on crew discussions. High Charisma means people are likely to listen to you more, whereas high Performance will enable you to lie better without being discovered.
  • Engage with engrossing and eclectic characters and experience randomly triggered events unique to each one. Each character has a certain level of “fondness” for the main character. Various events occur throughout the game in accordance with how well-liked you are by the others, bringing a sort of “humanity” to the characters.

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