#Far-right activist charged in Queens car bomb scare with dog

#Far-right activist charged in Queens car bomb scare with dog

A far-right activist and his pal were charged with allegedly planting a fake bomb on a car adorned with “Black Lives Matter” signs at the Queens Place Mall last month — and leaving a dog stuck inside the vehicle, according to law enforcement and reports.

Louis Shenker, 22, of Massachusetts and Taylor Lyne, 27, of California allegedly pulled the bizarre hoax in a garage at the shopping center on Jan. 4, the Queens District Attorney and police said.

Shenker, of Amherst, and Lyne, of Santa Rosa were indicted Wednesday and charged with making terroristic threats. They were also hit with charges for placing false explosives in a public area, the DA’s office said.

A worker at the mall first spotted the device — rigged with a butane can and protruding wires — on the trunk of a Tesla decked out with a Black Lives Matter sign at around 9:30 a.m., according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Post.

Inside the car, which was partially wrapped with a blanket, was a husky, the NYPD later said in a tweet.

This stunt forced the evacuation of the shopping center and a closure of nearby streets and businesses, according to the Queens DA.

Questioned by cops, Shenker  — a former Jewish youth group leader-turned-right wing activist who has appeared on Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” show, according to the Times of Israel — allegedly said the men had been “ripping down Black Lives Matter” signs earlier in the day.

“It was my friend Taylor’s car. The butane can is mine, I use it to fill up my lighter. The dog is my friend Taylor’s,” he said, according to the complaint. “I helped put the blanket on the car because we didn’t want anyone to steal it. We’ve been ripping down Black Lives Matter signs throughout the city.”

After turning himself in last month, Shenker claimed the set-up was not meant to look like a bomb, CBS reported at the time.

If convicted,  both men face seven years in behind bars, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

It wasn’t immediately clear what became of the dog, which was rescued by police.

“There is nothing amusing about a bomb hoax, and the defendants now  face very serious charges. Planting a fake explosive in a shopping center creates chaos and fear and these  two men are accused of setting up a device to look like a bomb and then fleeing the scene,” Queens District Attorney Katz said in a press release Wednesday.

Attorneys for Shenker and Lyne did not immediately return requests for comment.

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