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#Emma Watson Is Reportedly Retiring from Acting and Fans Can’t Handle It

#Emma Watson Is Reportedly Retiring from Acting and Fans Can’t Handle It

Sad but true, Emma Watson is reportedly retiring from the world of acting. According to the 30-year old Harry Potter star’s agent, she is currently “dormant” from her career. In addition, it is said that Watson will not be taking on any new roles for the foreseeable future. As for whether or not Watson returns to the screen or stage in the future, that is unclear, but it is believed that she wants to spend more time with her rumored fiancé Leo Robinton in Los Angeles, though that has not been officially confirmed at this time. Fans of the actress are not taking the news well on social media.

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According to unnamed sources, Emma Watson has gone “underground” and is thinking of “settling down with Leo. They’re laying low. Maybe she wants a family.” Watson’s agent has been reached for additional comment, but has not responded to the retirement claims. Her last big screen role was in Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of Little Women. “Emma Watson retiring is something very personal to me,” wrote one fan on social media. “No I will not be getting over this,” while another commented, “Emma Watson retiring is so bittersweet.”
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A lot of Emma Watson fans grew up with her while watching the Harry Potter franchise. “Couldn’t thank her enough for all the confidence she inspired in me growing up, it’s a devastating thing to hear,” says one fan on Twitter. “But I’m also so incredibly happy for her choosing to retire. Can’t wait to see what amazing things she does next.” In addition to the kind words and shocked reactions, fans are posting memes of Watson crying from her roles to represent their feelings on her alleged decision to retire from acting.

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While a lot of Emma Watson fans are not taking the retirement news very well, there are more than a few who believe that her representative’s quote may have been taken out of context. While the actress is currently “dormant,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is done acting for the rest of her life. Watson could be taking a break to start a family, or just taking a break because of how weird the last year has been on the world.

Hopefully we’ll get an official confirmation about Emma Watson’s current status as an actress in the coming days. Even with the mixed reactions to her retirement, many of her fans or currently celebrating her career on social media, thanking her for all of the roles she’s taken on over the years, which in turn, has her name trending high in the news today. “I did NOT expect to wake up and read that Emma Watson is retiring from acting but she’s doing what’s best for her so I can’t really complain,” says another fan on social media. “Thank you for giving us so many great performances.” The quotes from Emma Watson’s representative originated from The Daily Mail U.K.

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