#DuoVox Ultra is the most powerful military-grade color night-vision camera consumers can buy

Night-vision cameras do have a rather limited reputation because of how they’re portrayed in cinema. They’re mostly used by the military or the marines to hunt down terrorists, or by sci-fi spies to catch bad guys, but in all honesty, night-vision cameras are great for consumer-grade use too. From hunting and fishing, to night-life observing, camping, and hobby photography, night-vision cameras are a pretty nifty piece of gear to add to your outdoor kit. However, if you want a consumer-friendly night-vision camera that’s loaded with military-grade specs, the DuoVox Ultra has you sorted. Equipped with a Starvis CMOS sensor, a 7-piece lens, and a 10-hour battery, the DuoVox lets you see in full color up to distances of 1650 feet (500 meters) even in low-light settings, and can take photos or record videos in 1080p full HD. Move over, Samsung. There’s a new Ultra camera in town.

Designer: Yuki Otake

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $399 ($270 off). Hurry, only 22/1100 left! Raised over $310,000.

With a compact, camcorder-style handheld design, the Duovox Ultra is your perfect outdoor companion for hunting, camping, fishing, and night safaris. It weighs a mere 280 grams and can be used either as a handheld monocular device or mounted on a tripod with the ability to use your smartphone as the Ultra’s viewfinder over a WiFi hotspot connection. Built with specs that would put even military-grade equipment to shame, the camera comes with an aluminum body, a 7-glass lens for zero-distortion viewing, 5x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom capabilities, and a set of easy-to-access controls on the top that you can intuitively use to operate the camera even in the dark.

The DuoVox Ultra operates in two modes – a color mode that lets you see full color in low-light settings as low as 0.001 lux, and a 7-stage infrared mode (powered by an 850nm IR illuminator) that gives you visibility in even absolute pitch darkness. It also comes with support for whopping 128 gigs of built-in storage thanks to a MicroSD card slot that also makes transferring data between devices easy.

The Ultra builds on its predecessor, the Duovox Mate Pro’s capabilities, with not one but two modes. The full-color mode gives you an enhanced appearance of your surroundings in low light, letting you observe and capture your surroundings in vibrant, vivid colors, while the 7-stage IR mode borders on superpowers. Working in pitch darkness, when even the eyes can’t see objects, outlines, or details, the IR mode gives you a clear picture of what’s around you. The 7-stage setting lets you adjust your visibility, making the camera’s feed dark or bright, and a zoom ring on your lens lets you see objects as close as 0.5 meters away or even as far as 500 meters away with absolute clarity.

A camera is no good if it can’t take pictures, right? Well, dedicated buttons on the DuoVox Ultra let you capture 1080p video or 5MP images, saving footage and images right to the camera’s memory card slot, capable of supporting up to 128 gigabytes. The Ultra can be operated entirely hands-free too, using it over WiFi with your smartphone. The “Viidure” app turns your phone’s screen into a viewfinder, letting you record video and photos through the phone from a safer vantage point.

Priced at a mere $129, the DuoVox Ultra is easily the most advanced night-vision camera in its price range. It weighs 280 grams, or about as much as two iPhones, and is compact enough to fit right into your pocket. A built-in 4,000mAh battery gives it a whopping 10 hours of usage, making the DuoVox Ultra perfect for everything from hunting and wildlife observing, to even classic surveillance and reconnaissance! Just promise us you’ll use your night-vision superpowers for good!

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $399 ($270 off). Hurry, only 22/1100 left! Raised over $310,000.


Vincent Nguyen

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