#DOE leaders are hypocrites denying opportunity they chose for their kids #OpinionNews

DOE leaders are hypocrites denying opportunity they chose for their kids

May 31, 2020 | 6:37pm

Deputy Chancellor Josh Wallack is just the latest top city Department of Education figure to be exposed as a hypocrite.

Wallack oversees the DOE’s drive to scrap screened admissions to elite middle and high schools — but, as The Post’s Selim Algar reported last week, he’s sending his own child to a highly selective and disproportionately white Manhattan middle school. 

He’s not alone, First Deputy Chancellor Cheryl Watson-Harris, on arriving from Boston, placed two children not in their zoned schools but at PS 184 (68 percent white) and IS 187 (91 percent Asian and white). Those selective schools have the demographics that Chancellor Richard Carranza routinely blasts as “segregated.”

Oh, and: As superintendent of District 11 in The Bronx, Meisha Ross Porter used her connections to enroll a child she was caring for at a Bronx middle school that offered gifted and talented classes, instead of her zoned one that didn’t.

Heck, Carranza himself sent his daughter to a top screened school in San Francisco. Both of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s kids attended selective, screened schools, too.

We don’t blame any parent for wanting the best for their children, or for moving mountains to avoid having a kid stuck in one of the city’s all-too-many rotten zoned schools.

What’s appalling is to see some of these very same parents actively working to destroy the healthy part of the school system — after their own kids are safely out.

In other words, they work to rob others of the chance for excellence that they grabbed for their own children.


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