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#“Digimon Tamers” now on Crunchyroll

The anime streaming provider Crunchyroll has added all episodes of “Digimon Tamers” to the classics catalog!

Just last week, the anime streaming provider Crunchyroll Season 4 of the “Digimon” franchise, “Digimon Frontier”, has been added to the program. Many fans were wondering why the third season was skipped after both “Digimon Adventure” seasons. Fans didn't have to wait long.
Now Crunchyroll has too «Digimon Tamers» added to the anime catalog. The RTL2 classic, like seasons 1, 2, 4, the 2020 reboot and “Digimon Ghost Game”, can only be seen in the original Japanese with German subtitles. The series is included on its own website, but also on Crunchyroll's Prime Video Channel.

If you want to see “Tamers” with German dubbing, you’ll still have to grab the DVD boxes from KSM Anime. However, the first German Blu-ray of the series is still planned for this. The HD release is scheduled for the end of the year. Currently only the first season of “Digimon Adventure”, the “tri.” film series and “Last Evolution Kizuna” with German dubbing are available on Prime Video.

>>> Order the series in German dubbing at!

>>> Stream the series in original subtitles on Crunchyroll!

German DVD trailer:

Plot of «Digimon Tamers»:

Takato, Ruki, and Li are children who are fatefully given real Digimon, not like the cards they play with. All three Digimon Tamers have different views on how Digimon should be treated. But when other Digimon appear in Japan, they must put aside their differences and fend off the digital invaders.

Quelle: Crunchyroll / Prime Video

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