#Dbrand (PS5 Faceplates) Backs Off After Sony Lawsuit

#Dbrand (PS5 Faceplates) Backs Off After Sony Lawsuit
You all must be aware of the Copyrights Act that exists throughout the world. If you don’t then you must know that it protects creators’ intellectual as well as physical/published properties. Just like everything else in this world, the gaming industry is no stranger to it as well. Publishers, creators, and parts manufacturers often get into trouble for copying something which has been protected by the Act. Recently DBrand has fallen into a similar kind of trouble, but it was coming for them.

The Case

At the beginning of the year around February, DBrand challenged Sony to sue them for making custom parts for the PlayStation 5 gaming console. Under the name of the product, which was PS5 Darkplate, they clearly wrote: “Go ahead, sue us”. They should have known better than to mess with as big a multimedia giant as Sony. Now 6 months later Sony has decided to respond and exactly in the way they wanted.

“With the release of Darkplates, the unthinkable has happened. We’ve taken Sony’s monumental achievement in bad design… and fixed it. We can only assume that our prizes are in the mail,” said Dbrand’s website at the time of product launch.

Well, you reap what you sow as they now are being threatened by a lawsuit, courtesy of Sony. Dbrand was served with a cease-and-desist order by SIE and failing to comply with it may lead to a lawsuit.

Dbrand Decides to Back Off

As expected in response DBrand has chosen to back out from selling these conflicted accessories. This is a logical move as they would not like to go against Sony and risk losing more than they hoped to earn from the venture.

“Darkplates are dead. Thanks, Sony. As you may have noticed, much like your hopes and dreams, Darkplates are dead”, wrote the company on Reddit.

DBrand went on to say things like “we’ve elected to submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now.” While some may call it unprofessional, others may argue that it’s understandable on the part of DBrand. DBrand stated that they were disappointed with how Sony targeted them but not other content like Squid Game for using the X, O, and Triangle designs. Well, Netflix did openly challenge Sony like them, but their frustration may be understandable.

One thing’s sure that DBrand PS5 Darkplates seem on hold for now. That is unless they either make some bargain with Sony or change the design. One lesson to be learned here is that never challenge a mammoth as if it notices you, it may stomp you.

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