#Dad who ranted on race in NJ town arrested outside school

#Dad who ranted on race in NJ town arrested outside school

A dad went on a rambling tirade about minority fathers and black-on-black violence at a school board meeting in a tony New Jersey town — and ended up being hauled off in cuffs days later outside a local school.

Robert Vessechia, a 55-year-old Chatham resident and former local youth football coach, was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing May 7 after he refused to leave the township high school and became “verbally abusive” with staff, according to cops.

Chatham police said in a statement that Vessechia was “causing a disturbance” outside his son’s school and had been told “numerous times that he was not wanted on school property, including the Board of Education Building, but he ignored their requests to leave.”

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Robert Vessechia
Robert Vessechia was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing outside his son’s school.

The altercation followed a rant by the white dad at an April 26 school board meeting, where he spouted off questionable stats about black kids having absent fathers and black-on-black crime.

“What I’m about to say is going to offend people, and I really don’t care,” Vessechia said at the meeting, adding, “I’m a person that this town believes is a racist.

“Let me give you some facts. I’m offended by what’s happening in this town.”

Chatham Board of Education members
Robert Vessechia began his racial rant during a Chatham Board of Education meeting.

“I’m a volunteer firefighter, and the first thing we do when we get a call is find out if they are a minority, and if they are, we disregard them. Now, clearly, that’s false,” he said in the bizarre speech.

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His comments confused the school board, with its president asking Vessechia if he was in the right place.

The dad responded, “This is a school issue because I am being villainized for these facts.”

Robert Vessechia
Robert Vessechia’s rant reportedly confused the board members.

Vessechia — who coached his kid’s flag football team in town in 2018, according to the local Patch — could not be reached for comment by The Post on Friday.

Chatham, a high-end township of around 10,000 people situated between Interstates 78 and 287 in Morris County, is made up of more than 80 percent white residents and fewer than 2 percent black residents, according to Census data.

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