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#Crunchyroll: Simuldubs im Herbst 2022

“Crunchyroll: Simuldubs im Herbst 2022

The fall season 2022 in the anime segment will start soon and Crunchyroll promises a lot of new simuldubs…

The new anime season will start on October 1st. Of the Herbst 2022 for anime fans worldwide begins and dozens of new simulcasts await us. But in addition to the usual simulcasts, a handful of titles have been selected for simultaneous dubbing for a number of years – for Simuldubs.

The largest international streaming platform with a focus on anime at the moment seems Crunchyroll to be. So it’s not surprising that they announced a lot of synchros now. In addition to an already confirmed synchro for «Chainsaw Man» (we reported), several other popular titles will soon be equipped with a synchro this fall season.

These are the simuldub titles:

  • «Chainsaw Man»: A chainsaw man is the main attraction of this anime? Yes, the name says it all. This bloody action anime promises a lot and has already caused a lot of hype. Twelve episodes with just as many endings are planned.
  • «Mob Psycho 100 III»: The third season of the popular Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama anime follows on directly from the previous one, where Mob created a giant broccoli.
  • «My Hero Academia» Staffel 6: Izuku “Deku” Midoriya’s heroic journey is far from over. The sixth round of the anime adaptation continues with Bakugos, Todoroki and Deku’s internship with Todoroki’s hero father Endeavor.
  • «BLUELOCK»: This sports anime could appeal to many football enthusiasts. Some fans were already allowed to see the first episode of the series before the TV start at AnimagiC and now this title gets a simuldub.
  • «Spy × Family» Cour 2: The story of the fake family of spies is not over. After the first 12 episodes of the anime have already been shown in the simuldub, the next 13 episodes will now follow.
  • «To Your Eternity» Staffel 2: The first season already had a simuldub for an unusual number of episodes and exactly the same number awaits us this time. The 20-part second season also starts late on October 23 in original subtitles.
  • «Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!» Staffel 2: After the first season has only received a German synchro since August 8, 2022 after 2 years, the following season will receive a synchro faster.
  • «Shinobi no Ittoki»: Finally, there is an original anime that will be dubbed by Crunchyroll. This is about a descendant of a ninja clan who begins an assassination in a shinobi academy and wants to end rivalries.

All these announced simuldubs have no start date for the German synchros yetonly the start dates for the OmU versions are known (Crunchyroll gives the dates for OmU here an).

More anime dubs

In addition, the weekly releases of the dubbings of the past months also continue:

  • «A Couple of Cuckoos»
  • «Classroom of the Elite» Staffel 1 & 2
  • «My Dress-Up Darling»
  • «ORIENT» Court 2
  • «The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious»
  • «Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!» Staffel 1

New trailer for «Chainsaw Man» (OmeU):

Those: Crunchyroll

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